How much is a semi-automatic KN95 mask machine in Dongguan, Guangdong?

There are billions of kn95 masks in demand worldwide. The production methods are basically automatic KN95 mask machine or semi-automatic KN95 mask machine. Most of the mask machine production comes from China. Dongguan, Guangdong, is also a major town in the manufacture of mask machines in China. How much is a semi-automatic KN95 mask machine in Dongguan?

We sincerely recommend Han’s Yueming Group semi-automatic KN95 mask machine products at reasonable prices. You can learn from the first-hand manufacturers how much a Dongguan semi-automatic KN95 mask machine cost. You can come to the factory to watch the machine at any time. The shape of the welding machine of the mask machine is uniform and clear, the depth is consistent, there is no tooth loss or missing tooth phenomenon, excessive welding pressure leakage phenomenon, the two ends of the mask production are neat, no burrs, and no wrinkles. It has the advantages of simple and convenient operation adjustment, good stability, convenient counting, accurate and high efficiency.


At present, the semi-automatic KN95 mask machine is available from stock, and the price has wholesale and retail prices. The wholesale price is cheaper than the retail price. The semi-automatic KN95 mask machine production line with a monthly output of 200 can meet large-volume reservations. Sincerely, the factory directly supplies quality assurance, and the delivery is accurate and honest.


The semi-automatic KN95 mask machines need to be used with the semi-automatic ultrasonic mask ear strap welding machine. Two ear strap welding machines can be used with a semi-automatic mask machine to play a faster mask production. This can more quickly recover the price and cost of buying a mask machine.

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