Hurricane Speed 7000mm per Second Marking: Automatic Parts laser Marking Machine

The automatic parts laser marking machine has a wide range of mature applications in the engine, assembly, axle, frame, piston surface, controllers, lights and other parts. Han’s Yueming laser automatic parts laser  marking machine is your suitable and wise choice.

The common ways to mark auto parts: Die casting, electrical corrosion marking, stickers, screen printing, pneumatic marking and laser marking. In spite of its latest birth, the automatic parts laser marking machine with superior advantages is attracting the most widespread attention and application. The main advantages of the laser marking machine used in automatic parts are: high speed, programmable trait, pollution free, non-contact technics etc. The marking is lasting and usually free of the impact caused by the required steps production and terrible working environment.
Laser, bar code and two-dimensional code is widely used in automatic parts traceability. Bar code and two-dimensional code are the hot technologies in various forms product traceability, which are fully applicable to all types of automatic parts. Early automatic parts marking machine mainly marked the serial number on the product to meet the traceability requirements. The barcode, after its birth, quickly applied to identify the car parts, but because of its less information and fault tolerance difference, it has not been fully popularity. It had not been solved until the two-dimensional code technology occurred.
Han’s Yueming laser recommended products (1): MF20-E Fiber Laser Marking Machine.
Application materials:
Plastic, cast iron, stainless steel, aluminum-magnesium alloy, zinc alloy, copper, nickel, zinc, and aluminum etc.

Han Yueming laser recommended products (2): MF50-DA 3D laser marking machine
Application materials:
Stainless steel, aluminum-magnesium alloy, zinc alloy, copper, nickel, zinc, aluminum, plastics, iron and so on.

GD Han’S Yueming Laser Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Han’s Yueming Laser") has 15 years of history of laser research and development. The company has maintained a technology leadership in the country. Currently, there are thousands of laser marking equipments operating in the domestic research institutions, enterprises and factory production line.
Small integrated design, lightweight and flexible. The veritable "champion"!  The variety of models serves the world's top 3C electronics manufacturers. The device uses international high-quality fiber lasers with perfect marking results. There are various power laser light sources for your option. No matter which industry you belong to, we can provide you with the most suitable fiber laser marking machine, UV laser marking machines etc. High speed and high efficiency, laser marker significantly increases production at the same time.
Our laser marking machine is suitable for automotive parts and components to identify crucial parts directly, depending on their preferred location code symbol itself structural parts, which not only adapts to the etching process after the smooth plane parts, but also to unprocessed surface (rough surface) part of etching.
Application materials: metals (including: cast iron, cast aluminum), most non-metallic (plastic, rubber), glass etc.

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