Ink-printer is Out of Time, Advanced Automatic Laser Engraving Machine Instead

I believe many people know ink-printer is also called dot matrix ink coding machine that save packaging and labeling industries greatly in the past few decades. However, in the recent years, fewer and fewer ink-printer comes to our horizon of community, instead of higher technologyautomatic laser engraving machine. 


Disadvantages traditional dot matrix ink-printer

In 1970s, the United States appeared dot-matrix ink-printer that rapidly being widely used in the world. And for decades, this device is also in continuous improve and make it in line with the development of the market. However, as the different between laser and ink marking, laser marking way is quickly instead ink marking. The important reason is the composition of ink is with volatile and micro-toxic butanone, pungent which has serious effects on human health. Thus, the backward traditional way of engraving can not catch the pace of time. 

Advanced Han’s Yueming automatic laser engraving machine

With the development of technology, when the traditional way cann’t catch the development of engravingindustry, new laser engravingmachine is the hope of packaging and labeling industry. First, this laser engravingmachine adopted high performance laser generator and is with permanent security; second, automatic laser engraving machine is no need running consumable. Third, it is also the most important point is that automatic laser engraving machine is environmental friendly, healthy, no radiation pollution. 

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