Is there any laser Cutting Machine specially for wool cutting

The cloth which is fashion and warm are highly welcome for us in the cold winter . Nowadays , the wool clothes is becoming more and more popular .But do you know it is the amazing wool laser cutting machine that make all kinds of shoes and clothes the fashion wool products .  

wool laser cutting machine cutting fashion

There is a sort of laser cutting machine with magic that can process wool easy . All kind of pattern can be made automatically by the software without any mold .This type of laser cutting machine with the characteristic of high-accuracy , wool-protected , free of burrs ,high-speed, strong working endurance and easy operation .Besides , it also with the features as below :

a.Improving work efficiency with two laser heads moving against each other electrically and automatic process independently .

b. Less labor . With the auto-feeding and unloading system , two laser heads can be adjusted automatically instead of manually as before .

c. Saving material cost. The nesting software support mixed nesting and edge-sharing cutting, which help save the material cost up to 15% comparing with the traditional mechanical cutting machine. 

d. Full page cutting .To avoid damaging the finished plus material ,one laser heads stop sparkling automatically when the other one is working

Wool laser cutting machine model:

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