Keep the baseline of food safety: Han’s Yueming laser marker for packaging

Laser marker for packaging as advanced laser processing equipment, is used in the food packaging industry. It helps stop the "date game" on food packages on the source, and holds the bottom line of food safety.
Frequent exposure of food safety incidents have repeatedly stung the sensitive nerve, and constantly challenged people's trust in the bottom line, triggering the severe questions to the moral integrity of sellers. "Eat safe and secure food" has become the majority of the people which they eagerly look forward to. However, what is little-known on the market is that food packaging is in chaos; even the trusted shelf date can be counterfeited, laser marking machine for packaging will help manufacturers solve the problem easily.
As we all know, whether it is printed code or marking, as long as the use of the ink, it can be altered. Printing time information within three years may be adjusted. For altered food shelf life issues, from large companies to small traders, the most know it. Only consumers were cheated by "hidden rules". Bad business playing "date game" for illegal profit, they would have been or are about to expire little food processing. After a face-lift, those foods appeared in the market. This is serious infringement of the rights of consumers.
More effective measures is the use of laser marking machine for packaging, marking on the packing the production date and other information. Laser marker is the use of high energy density laser irradiation on the work piece locally, so that the surface material vaporization or chemical reaction color change, leaving a permanent marker marking method, with high marking precision, speed , clear marking and so on.
Han’s yueming laser recommended products: Fiber laser marking machine for packaging

  Integration of advanced galvanometer laser marking technology, imported RF excited CO2 laser marking software and real-time control technology, and the food packaging laser marker marking technology in the production line, the machine achieves the fast-moving product marking, marking handwriting permanent non-erasable. It can meet the needs of all types of production lines for paper, plastics, non-metallic materials, and painted metal packaging materials line laser marking.

Han Yueming laser also offers a variety of laser marking machines, such as UV laser marker, 3D laser marker, laser marker automation and so on.

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