Lampshade laser marking machine: mark out the true

Lamp holder refers to the end of the line connected to the lamp. With the widely used of laser marking machine in lighting industry, Lampshade laser marking machine naturally becomes the focus of the market. Lamp holder is the end of the bulb or lamp, which is the part that lamp connects to the external power source. 


Light source generates luminescence is by lamp holder connected power supply. Therefore, lamp holder plays a very important role in finished lamp. Whether it is in living lighting, office lighting or advertising lighting, all kinds of lighting needs lamp holders. We all pursue energy conservation and environmental protection lighting way, but we also seek stylish appearance. Only fit customers’ shoes, it is better to promote the development of the market, Lampshade laser marking machine is for you to capture the market escort.  

To promote the processing mode of efficient, rapid, automated, Lampshade laser marking machine gradually needs multi-position mode, auto-rotation, mechanical hands and other auxiliary automatic laser marking tools. Especially Han’s Yueming MF20-L-A l ampshade laser marking machine, AL211-A automatic bulb holder laser marker which can flexibility combine with computer, machinery, robot that can reduce labor cost, improve processing efficiency, increase value-added of products. 


In addition to lamp, lamp holder, light bulbs are also suitable for marking. The character of marking accurate and correct makes this lamp laser equipment more and more popular. Lampshade laser marking machine is continue to help the lighting industry to achieve high marking effect, durable and stable processing target. 

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