Laser Cut wooden music box, show you the beauty of the solar system

The music box gives people senses of sweet and dreamy

Through pure sound texture

As if people can feel all the beautiful existence in the world

When solar system elements and wooden gift laser cutting machines are used in the design of music boxes

The beautiful music box is immediately full of cool technology, which makes people unable to move their eyes


This assembled music box with the theme of the solar system

From the Shanghai designer team — Polite

The structure of the music box is mainly made of high-grade birch

After countless calculations and experiments, based on the volume of each planet

Design the corresponding gear structure drawings on the computer software

High-precision cutting by wooden gift laser Cutting Machine

The precise card slot ensures the smooth assembly of each module

Let you roam and explore in the hand-made fun space


Sun, Earth, Saturn, Mars…

Planets are born in their own hands

A sense of accomplishment also emerges spontaneously

Powered by a music box movement

No glue needed and no electricity needed

With the precise fit of the tenon structure and the gear

Multi-gear linkage drives the entire "solar system" to operate

The laser hollowed design presents the beauty of the mechanical movement of the gears in front of your eyes


The bright heat transfer pattern restores the magnificence of the solar system

Delicate wooden gift laser cutting machine creates exquisite details

The beauty of the vast starry sky and the awe of the universe

Which contained in this small wooden music box

Turn the clockwork, then the melody of "You Are My Sunshine" plays slowly

The flame-like sun is changing

The eight planets next to the sun and rotate freely

Trigger clear or heavy resonance, which sounds like nature

And brings unforgettable and wonderful time to the listeners




CO2 Laser Cutting Machine


1.       Features


Integrate engraving and cutting

High-speed interpolation movement algorithm

Process path real-time display and track

Support work time preview and interruptible engraving recovery after power-off

Laser spot compensation


2.       Application


The wooden gift laser cutting machine is also called non-metal laser cutting machine,It’s suitable for nonmetallic material like wood, paper, leather, cloth, Plexiglass, epoxy resin, acrylic, wool, plastics, rubber, bamboo, clothing fabrics, mobile phone accessories, clothing hot drilling, plastic nozzle, mobile phone protective film, jade, ect.

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