Laser cutting intelligent clothes hanger: practical, intelligent and high value

The clothes hanger is an indispensable household item in every family life. With the hardcover home gradually appearing in people's vision, the clothes hanger has also evolved from the most traditional floor-to-ceiling clothes hanger and clothes line, and then developed into a hand-cranked clothes hanger and electric Drying racks, and nowadays there are automatic lifting, intelligent drying racks with lighting and sterilization functions. Laser hollowed out smart clothes hangers to create a new home life.


The material used by the smart drying rack is aluminum or stainless steel, which has plates and pipes and involves cutting and hollowing. The traditional processing method needs to be divided into two steps to complete. Compared with the traditional processing method, the laser cutting technology can automatically complete the cutting and opening of different plate sizes and different sizes of windproof holes at one time, thereby increasing the production effectiveness and reducing processing times.


The intelligent drying rack is composed of multiple pieces of sheet metal. As we all know, the laser Cutting Machine is unique for sheet metal cutting, which is a technological revolution in sheet metal processing. The laser cutting speed is fast and the quality is good, the product production cycle is short; there is no deformation, no tool wear and good material adaptability; its high degree of automation, easy operation, low labor intensity, automatic cutting layout and nesting can be achieved.

A clothes rack without a clothes pole has no soul. The clothes poles are mostly made of tubes. Lasers can cut square tubes, round tubes, elliptical tubes, and shaped tubes. They are professional, high-speed, high-precision, high-efficiency, and cost-effective. Features such as cutting, punching and other traditional methods are brand new pipe processing techniques. One-time cutting and forming, no subsequent deburring treatment. In addition, the clamping, rotation, cutting, feeding, cutting and other actions of the workpiece are automatically completed by the equipment, which reflects the characteristics of full automation and greatly improves the production efficiency.


Using a humanized design, each clothes pole is designed with multiple wind holes to prevent blowing down, neatly drying, with a reasonable ventilation distance, the clothes are not easy to be blown off by the wind, and are not easy to be stacked into one piece. Laser hollowing technology can complete the hollowing of different shapes of windproof holes at once according to the designed graphics. No matter it is simple or complex, it can be formed quickly and accurately at a time. Millimeter-level errors are finer than traditional processes. In addition to the windproof holes, holes such as the air outlet of the smart drying rack can also be hollowed out.


Recommended models:

Plate and tube integrated fiber laser cutting machine





Adopting gantry double gear rack and double servo motor transmission structure, high inertia and large torque output, the maximum acceleration can reach 0.8G, which effectively improves the production efficiency of customers;

Pneumatic self-centering chuck can realize symmetrical independent double-action clamping, without manual intervention and adjustment in the clamping process;

Adopting imported large gantry machine tool, using high-strength square tube and high-quality iron plate tailoring welding process, the geometric accuracy of the machine tool is within 0.03mm, with very high accuracy and stability;

The beam is manufactured by drawing aluminum profile finishing technology, with light weight, high rigidity and good dynamic performance;

The laser's electro-optic conversion efficiency is high, reaching more than 30%, which can greatly save power consumption and achieve very high production efficiency;

The cutting head adopts the leapfrog function, the parabolic movement is used between the cutting contours, and the frog leap is automatically realized during the contour switching process, which greatly improves the cutting efficiency;

With function detection, automatic diagnosis, fault isolation, fault analysis and data display system, rapid troubleshooting to effectively reduce the cost of after-sales service;

Professional programming nesting software and highly compatible cutting system can realize the processing of plates and pipes. It has the functions of graphic layout, automatic edge finding and sharp corner smoothing, and can realize high-speed blasting perforation and rapid array scanning and cutting functions.


Applicable materials:

It is mainly used for the rapid cutting of carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, galvanized sheet, aluminum-plated zinc sheet, brass, copper and other metal materials.


High-quality products need to be able to withstand elaborate details. The plate and tube integrated fiber laser cutting machine pursues perfection in the details of the intelligent drying rack. The ingenuity that can be seen and cannot be seen can fully reflect the manufacturer's people-oriented The meticulous care has created a new experience of a new hardcover home.

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