Laser Cutting Machine cuts FPC soft board, accelerating the upgrading of 5G terminal products

FPC flexible circuit boards are FPC flexible boards. In terms of product structure, they are made of a flexible copper foil substrate and a flexible insulating layer, which are laminated and laminated with an adhesive. It has many advantages that rigid circuit boards do not have. The use of FPC soft boards can greatly reduce the volume of electronic products, and enable electronic products to develop in the direction of high density, high reliability and miniaturization. Especially under the current wave of 5G replacement, it will promote the jump of FPC production capacity. Laser cutting FPC soft boards has driven the rapid development of terminal products such as 5G smart phones.


5G commercial, terminal first.

Mobile phones are the core of the Internet of Everything.

In 2020, 5G smartphones will usher in high growth.

FPC soft board is an important part of 5G smart phone,

Such as display module, fingerprint module, camera module,

FPC soft boards are needed for antennas, vibrators, etc.

According to industry research, the amount of FPC soft boards on the iPhone has reached more than 20 pieces.

At the same time, leading domestic brands such as Huawei and OPPO,

They have also increased the amount of FPC to more than 10 pieses.

A large number of FPC soft boards are distributed and supplied,

It is inseparable from the efficient and automated production characteristics of the laser cutting machine.


FPC soft board cutting using laser technology,

It is the current mainstream method and the future trend.

Flexible automatic processing method of laser cutting machine,

High-precision processing effect, flexible and controllable processing process,

Make it in the FPC soft board processing process of 5G smart phones and other products,

Has an irreplaceable position.

In addition, compared to mechanical stress processing, laser cutting

It has the advantage of lower loss during processing.

Laser cutting is non-contact processing, no tool loss,

Automated production has short beats and fast cutting speeds,

In mass production, manufacturing costs can be greatly reduced.


Looking at the world, looking to the future,

Countries will successively enter the commercial stage of 5G smart phones.

The wave of machine replacement is bound to come gradually,

The FPC industry will also usher in an unprecedented blowout.

In order to meet the supply demand of FPC soft boards,

Higher investment automation,

Laser cutting machine with lower production cost,

Will determine whether FPC soft board processing enterprises can go further.


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Recommended equipment:

                                                                   FPC Laser Cutting Machine


1. Features of FPC laser splitter:


Professional laser sub-board software

Full optical path protection safety design

Automatic positioning visual acquisition system

High precision multifunctional processing platform

Imported high-quality laser and optical system

Matching SMT pipeline transmission track (optional)

Flexible docking with MES system (optional)


2. Process application of FPC laser cutting machine


FPC laser cutting machine is used in laser cutting / splitting machine in the electronics industry, and can be used for fine cutting and splitting processing of FPC soft boards, PCB boards, cover films and other products.

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