Laser Cutting Machines for Different Materials

The invention of laser Cutting Machine, laser engraving machine, laser marking machine is a great success in in the process of industrialization. And they have found wider application in terms of  both industrial sectors and materials. However, different material has different properties, and that should be noted in cutting different material. Han’s Yueming Laser shows you some precautions in terms of laser cutting machines.

For steel
When cutting stainless steel, we should use nitrogen as auxiliary cutting gas. And when cutting carbon steel or other sheet metal, we should use oxygen as auxiliary cutting gas.
For titanium
Titanium plate should cut with argon and nitrogen as auxiliary cutting gas. Other parameters can refer to the nickel-chromium steel.
For structural steel
Structural steel can get better cutting with fiber laser cutting that oxy-acetylene flame. Han’s Yueming CMA1530C-G-A is with friendly operating system that can cut fast, high precision and automatically cut, which save labor cost and safe. When the plate thickness is up to 4mm, metal laser cutting machine should cut with high-pressure nitrogen gas as auxiliary cutting. In this case, the cutting edge will not be oxidized. When the plate thickness is more than 10mm, fiber laser cutting machine should uses special pole plate and coated the cutting plate with oil that can get better cutting effect.
For aluminum
Despite the high reflectivity and thermal conductivity, 6mm or less aluminum can be cut easily, which depends on the nature of alloy and the laser generator’s performance. As aluminum’s characters of high shine and high hardness properties, which is very difficult to cut, and you just equipped with “reflection absorptioin” system on fiber laser cutting machine, cutting aluminum will be easy.

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