Laser cutting reflective strips for night running clothes: Night running must be safe and stylish.

he lack of exercise for the sedentary and sedentary office workers not only affects health, but also affects the figure. After a long time, they will slowly live into the "Middle-aged fat" that they thought was impossible.

For office workers who only have time at night,

Night running is a good choice.

Now there are more and more "fat friends" running at night,

As a simple aerobic exercise,

In addition to a pair of comfortable running shoes,

Also pay attention to the safety of running at night.

Laser cutting night running clothing reflective strips,

It is safe and stylish to run at night.


The most important thing in night running is safety.

In order to run safely at night,

Reflective strips will be added to the night running clothes.

The reflective strip is made of reflective materials,

Play the effect of reflecting at night,

So that night runners can be found more easily at night,

It is not easy to be accidentally hit by vehicles driving at night.

Laser processing does not require mold opening,

It can complete high-quality cutting of reflective materials,

The precision is within millimeters, and the cutting edge is smooth and smooth.


If you think that night running is just to lose weight, you are wrong,

Sending selfies is the most important thing.

Therefore, cool night running equipment is essential.

Laser processing is not restricted by graphics,

Can complete complex graphics cutting,

Let the reflective sportswear be designed at will,

Do not stick to the established style.

Make your selfies more brilliant,

Let you on every runway at night,

They are all like walking "night elves".


Night has come and feel the pulse of the city together.

Laser cutting night running clothing reflective strips,

Escort the safety of runners.


Recommended equipment


Auto Laser Die-Cutting MachineFC600-B-A



The imported CO2 radio frequency laser is adopted, the spot quality is good, the optical power density is uniform; the output optical power is stable;

Three-axis dynamic scanning system, the core device adopts imported configuration. Intuitive operability, small focusing spot, large working range, high speed and flexibility, and good stability;

The optical path cavity adopts a fully enclosed double dustproof design, which effectively protects the core optical devices such as lasers and galvanometers from pollution, making the equipment work more stable and longer life;

The height of the marking head can be adjusted to meet the maximum processing width of 600mm*600mm;

Up and down double exhaust system, effectively remove the processing dust, to achieve environmental protection and safety;

Fully automatic roll covering system adopts professional tension controller and servo motor to form a motion control system to ensure the synchronization of material retracting and releasing, and the running accuracy is less than 0.1mm;

Optional visual alignment and flight marking function;

Equipped with self-developed SmartScanner professional control system, compatible with importing graphics designed by AutoCAD, CorelDraw and other professional drawing software, with fast processing speed and high processing efficiency.


Process application:

The automatic laser film cutting machine can be used for cutting reflective materials of night running clothes, and can also be used for the processing of flexible film materials such as stickers, PET films, PVC films, and PP films.


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