Laser engraving Zippo lighter lights your collecting desire

Famous lighter brand Zippo has gone through 87 years. It has become a classical cultural symbol of individuality and uninhibitedness. Zippo is popular with lighter collectors for providing laser engraving service. 

Zippo uses laser marking machine engraving technology to permanently mark the lighter with oriental classical auspicious pattern around the family name, which implies the prosperity of the clan and the aspiration of successful career.

Zippo lighter has highly collection value after laser engraving. It’s practical and beautiful with simple appearance and exquisite details. And the body of zippo lighter is wear resistant and smooth. 

The limited edition of zippo adopted mirror chrome-plating design. Laser engraved the texture of the lighter body to create unique tactile details. The special diamond pattern looks tough and also elegant. 

Laser engraving lighter technology can not only carve the exquisite lighter appearance, but also meet the diverse needs of collectors, provide customized product experience and enhance product added value. With its unique characteristics, laser technology makes every lighter unique! 

Equipment recommendation: Fiber laser marking machine series 

1. High quality fiber generator, good quality spot, optical power density uniform, stable output optical power, meets the application demand of mainstream market;

2. Han's Yueming self-developed digital high-speed galvanometer scanner, small size, high speed and excellent stability; the performance reaches the international advanced level;

3. Powerful control system, optimizes the processing data according to various application, supports multi language switch, and up to 256 color layer management functions, meets the application requirements of most industries;

4. Die-casting mold manufacturing lifting frame, stable structure, built-in linear guide, simple design.

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