Laser equipment brings charm to women

If you ask what clothes can show women’ charm, the answer must be dress. Since you can imagine that there are many girls wearing beautiful dress on grand occasion. Woman without wearing dress seems something less. Choosing the right dress not only can show her temperament advantages, but also can reflect her aesthetic taste.

Similarly, if you want to ask what laser equipment can help develop apparel industry best, it must be laser Cutting Machine. Although you may doubt that manual dress is the most suitable for the noble, now it is times of science and technology, it is not practical to rely on manual processing blindly. Because high cost and long processing time is not suitable for the developing needs of the market, laser equipment can reduce cost and improve efficiency.

Recommended device:

CMA1810-F automatic feeding laser cutting machine

 1.   It uses international most advanced 32 bits high-speed DSP to form SmartCarver controller, which greatly improves the performance. Stable S-shape acceleration / deceleration control software design has fast and smooth action and can make different cutting positions achieve the ideal effect with automatic attenuation compensation technology.
    2.   Mechanical parts equip imported gear and rack movement transmission system to ensure high -speed and high-precision result. Lathe's rolling processing platform with automatic feeding system is stable and reliable, which is suitable for high-strength, high-accuracy, large-volume and multi-batch job requirements.
    3.   The automatic intensity and speed matching function ensures corner cutting quality and continuous curve cutting function can make the curve cutting top speeds be up to 24 meters / min, which rapid realizes garment sample cutting and greatly improves clothing enterprise productivity and competitiveness.

 MC275-DH-A Large Format Laser Marking Machine

 1,   MC275-DH-A laser engraving machine is a multifunctional, new environment-friendly anti-radiation machine; it equips anti-radiation acrylic cover and safety sliding door which can effectively prevent laser radiation and is convenient for operator to observe; closed type downdraught exhausting system has good exhausting effect, preventing lens and working environment from pollution.
    2,   The optical system can be electric, manual switching regulation in order to adapt to different marking areas.
    3,   It applies Germany original CO2 laser and equips triaxial dynamic marking galvanometer. The maximum processing width is 600mmx600mm.
    4,   It equips mobile platform – honeycomb plate, which can process largely and its largest processing area is 1200mmX600mm.
MC350-DJ-A Co2 Laser Marker for Denim

 It is a laser carving machine specialized in denim, leather apparel fabric shoe carved, hollw and burning. Applying high-performance imported accessories and first-class international CO2 laser, its marking ability is above 1.3 times than other brands under same condition.
    1.   Fully enclosed design, safe and environmental friendly.
    2.   Imported core device configuration and stable performance.
    3.   High marking speed, high efficiency and high precision.
    4.   Work interaction; put material on the right side and mark on the left side, improving efficiency.
    5.   Equipped with high projector to position, improving feeding speed and convenience of operator.
    6.   Humanized operating platform design and maintenance debugging platform.

CMA1625-F Laser Cutting Bed for Mass Cloth Cutting
 1. Using the most advanced 32 bits high-speed DSP+CPU/MCU dual core control system greatly improves the performance. Stable s / T type acceleration and deceleration control algorithm makes action fast and smooth. It can achieve the ideal effect in the whole processing format with the automatic attenuation compensation technology.
    2. Power intensity and automatic matching function ensure corner cutting quality. Continuous curve cutting function makes its moving speed be up to 20m/min, greatly improving the productivity and competitiveness.
    3. Its transmission mechanism is imported high-accuracy gear and rack. Also high-accuracy linear guide ensures high-precision effect. Similar to sliding processing platform which is stable and reliable, it equips automatic large-scale industrial YMC automatic transmission system which is suitable for high-strength, high-accuracy large quantities and multi batch operation requirements.

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