Laser marker for Packing help packaging industry reform

States urged people with a series of energy saving policies in recent years, "green" and "environmental friendly" has become the focus of attention and discussion. Therefore, many traditional industries must adapt to the trend and the status quo, to make new changes and improvement. Laser marker for Packing does also, as an emerging industry technology, Laser marker for Packing has brought an environmental wind to packing industry.
Traditional application packaging industry are ink inkjet printer, inks is the cause of the pollution, the printing process produces large amounts of harmful chemicals, and hurts the staff body. However, laser marker, the non-contact processing method, eliminate radically the pollution and harmful factors from these sources.

Laser marker for Packing marking technology can be said to be the most environmentally friendly, the most advanced means of marking. Laser marker marking is a non-contact processing methods, is the use of high-energy density laser irradiation on the local workpiece , so that the surface material vaporization or color change of the chemical reaction, thus leaving a permanent mark marking method having hit a high mark precision, speed, marking a clear and so on. Because of its good stability, high accuracy and simple handling, Laser marker for Packing quickly gets affirmation and recognition of the packaging world .
Concern for environmental protection increases with passing days, as a pioneer in laser industry leader, Han’s Yueming Laser takes action firstly. Han’s Yueming laser marker for Packing is environmental, safety, does not produce any harmful chemicals to human body and the environment, completely cut off the chemical pollution, the operator also gets a careful protection. In line with GB7247-87, GB10320-88 standards, it is environmental friendly high-tech products. With a mature industrial design, reliable performance, it owns 24 hours of continuous work, laser maintenance up to more than 20,000 hours.

Han’s Yueming laser assembly line laser printer, is praised as "Lightning series." with fast speed. According to user needs, lightning Series line laser marker is used for fast-moving high-quality products and the non-contact laser coding, marking handwriting clearly visible, permanent non-erasable, has incomparable advantages when compared with ink jet coding. And the series of equipment gets continuous and stable operation in harsh production conditions, 100,000 hours without supplies, flexible equipment installation, even in complex production line and working conditions, it also can run freely.
Han’s Yueming laser "Lightning series" line of laser printer include "fibers", "CO2" and "semiconductor end-pumped," the three series of models meet the needs of any industry, the machine can maintain stability in harsh production conditions , meeting the needs of a variety of packaging materials. It can mark carve permanent eye-catching logo, the complete eliminating the behavior of lowing the product quality in the circulation.

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