Laser Marking on Leather

Walking in the street, you can see all kinds of beautiful and unique leather products, like handbags, briefcases, belts, shoes, leather jackets, leather skirts, leather clothing and so on. These leather bags clothing products has always been the fashion element of society. Leather cutter, automatic feeding leather engraving machine, laser marking machines for leather and denim processing have empowered the fashion industry.

As mentioned above, leather has been widely applied to various industries especially in luggage manufacturing. Some internationally renowned luxury brand bags or light luxury merchants like Hermes, Gucci, Prada, Coach, Michael Kors pursue a variety of high quality, high positioning, high sense of design brand bags. High quality excellent products must be equipped with high quality processing machine. And Han’s Yueming laser marking machine for marking on leather is definitely the best choice of luggage industry.
In particular, the latest developed MC275-D-A Dynamic tri-axial laser marking machine is a laser machine specially for designed for leather and denim processing. In large application market, we have to pay attention to leather processing, cutting, engraving, marking’s accuracy. High quality products depend on fine products work. We need high precision high speed processing skill in variety of subtle filigree, various patterns of marking, cutting and engraving. Only improve products quality, improve our market competitiveness.

As we all know that laser marking machine is much faster than general laser Cutting Machine. As the advantages of Han’s Yueming Laser dynamic laser marking machine can cut leather fast and accuracy, which is definitely the best high-tech equipment.


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