Laser Technology Empowering the Packaging and Labeling Industry

Nowadays, a lot of enterprises prefer to use high-tech technologies in packaging and labeling, like pharmaceutical, printing, packaging among other industries. With the rapid development of laser technology, packaging and labeling industry is embracing an even brighter future.

Packaging and laser technology
Packaging is to protect products from damage in distribution. Laser technology is as a new identification device which trend increasing yield year by year, more and more excellent laser technology appearance. As the leader of small and medium-power laser equipment manufacturer, Han’s Yueming Laser occupies a very important position in the packaging and labeling industry.


The advantages of laser technology
As environmental awareness increasing, the traditional printing marking machine is far short of the development trend of modern industry, which is gradually being replaced by laser technology. So what’s the advantages of laser technology?
1. High marking precision. Laser technology has a clear, long-lasting, beautiful, clear and accurate marking effect, which can mark on metal and nonmetallic material, like leather, cloth, and apparel accessories, cardboard, metal and other materials.
2. Strong security. For some packaging industry, like food, pharmaceutical industry, anti-counterfeit packaging and labeling is particular important. Laser technology’s marking effect has strong anti-counterfeiting mark, imitation and impossible to be changed.
3. High efficiency. Laser technology has higher processing effective, low operating cost, and fast speed. Under the control of the computer, laser beam can move at high speed, which can complete a marking job without one second.
Han’s Yueming Laser technology is with unique advantages and excellent performance, which is popular at home and abroad. Whether clothing or medicine industry, it’s a shining pearl in packaging and labeling industry.

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