“Little White Shoes” is not popular anymore! This year’s trend is laser-engraved brogue shoes


Leather shoes can be found in almost all life scenes from leisure to business

A pair of high-quality hollow leather shoes made by the laser-engraved machine is also a manifestation of masculinity and taste

Among them, Brock style leather shoes from the 16th century

Is a representative of the classic styles of men’s leather shoes


Hundred years passed,

There are more than thousands of style designs of Brock shoes nowadays

The fusion of Brock leather shoes with a century-old culture and a leather laser-engraved machine

Gives the shoes a new visual feast and a popular theme


In the past, the patterns on leather shoes were all carved out by leather craftsmen with one stroke

However, nowadays, there is a leather laser-engraved machine that integrates functions of cutting, engraving, hollowing, and punching

Various patterns on various leathers can be quickly engraved and hollowed out by leather laser-engraved machines

That breaks through the traditional manual cutting process

And saves the cost of manufacturing in the production process

At the same time, the leather surface will not deform by using the non-contact processing method

Which can well reflect the color and texture of the leather itself

Therefore, leather laser-engraved machines are favored by the majority of leather shoe manufacturers


Exquisite craftsmanship is hidden in delicate details

Long and narrow body, lowered upper

Exquisite leather hollow patterns on shoes

And the wing design on both sides of the shoe body 

Which not only brings decorative changes to leather shoes

But also more outlines a low-key and elegant temperament


The classic Brock pattern can be continued by using the leather laser-engraved machine

Which blends nostalgic modernity and modern elegance

It has rich layers and retro and beautiful appearance

The style is suitable for business and leisure scenes

Which displays male’s charm



Triaxial Dynamic laser marking machine


1.       Features

  Triaxial dynamic high speed scanning system

  Aluminum frame

  Upper and lower double suction structures

  High-quality original imported CO2 RF laser generator

  Industrial-grade precision temperature control laser chiller

  Smart scanner professional control system


2.       Materials

Non-mental materials like leather, card, rubber, wood, bamboo products, organic glass, ceramics, plastics, marble, jade, crystal, cloth etc.

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