Metal sculpture art & The fusion of color and fiber laser cutting machines

The cutting process of fiber laser cutting machines are not dull, but full of soul. Why do you say that?Because of its perfect combination of soul processing and color, it can show wonderful works.

David Gerstein, an Israeli artist, exhibited his sculptured metal wall sculptures for nearly a decade at his personal exhibition. His original "cut-out" sculpture is different from traditional sculpture, with laser cutting of metal plates, carving out different theme images, and using pigments to paint the metal plates.

It is not only the bold use of color in the sculpture, but also the use of fiber laser cutting metal, the creation of multi-layer sculpture, this artistic technique is his initiative.

Are you curious about how a fiber laser cutting machines can cut out such fine works? Let's take a look with the laser sister!

The fiber laser Cutting Machine irradiate the focused laser beam to the workpiece, and the irradiated area will rise sharply to make the material vaporized and melted. The laser beam penetrates the workpiece and moves along the contour line to complete the cutting of the material.

With the wide use of metal materials, the application of fiber laser cutting machines are becoming more and more popular.

It is understood that in the aviation, electrical appliances, automobiles, ships, kitchen utensils and appliances, precision parts, sheet metal processing and other industries, it is necessary to quickly, accurately, and rapidly perform various kinds of metals such as carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, and galvanized steel. The advantage of the fiber laser cutting machine is fully demonstrated at this time.

The fiber laser cutting machines developed by Han's Yueming Laser Group can accurately process various metal plates without edging and the effect is refined. It not only helps you to efficiently complete the production process, but also enhances your product attachment. It is a good choice in the laser equipment!

The fiber laser cutting machines are recommended by Han's Yueming laser group

CMA1530C-G-E Fiber Metal Laser Cutting Machine

Equipment advantages:

1. Gantry rack double drive system, reinforced welding body. The stress is eliminated by tempering and vibration aging to ensure that the machine deformation tolerance is within 0.02 mm;

2. High performance German imported laser generator: Continuous cutting high reflecting material, such as copper, brass, galvanized sheet, to achieve high precision cutting of metal sheets;

3. Crossbeam are made through drawing and finishing process: Light weight, high rigidity, high dynamic performance;

4. Cutting head has the leapfrog function, parabolic mo on between the cutting contours. Automatic frog jump during switching contours, high cutting efficiency;

5. Automatic concentrated lubrication function, automatic lubrication for traditional parts by system control. No manual intervention is needed so as to ensure the accuracy and service life of the moving part;

6. Professional metal sheet cutting so ware, support AI, DXF, PLT graph data format, easy to learn and use and reduce the requirements of the operator.

If you want to know more about the fiber laser cutting machine, you can leave a message to the laser sister, and you can also call the service hotline of Han's Yueming Laser Group: 0769-8983 8888, we will serve you wholeheartedly!

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