Mold laser marking machine ,a wonderful recombination of efficiency and effectiveness

   The flourish mold industry is a product of China's industrial development, the foundation of industrial manufacturing technology mold laser marking machine, UV laser marking machine and other laser equipment, recombine wonderfully the efficiency and effectiveness, brings new spark to mold processing industry.
    The reasons why mold laser marking machine brings new spark to mold processing industry are shown as following.
    Firstly, the mold industry gets a wide range of metal parts and less quantity, and even some need to be customized according to customer demand. Due to limitations of various factors, more traditional printing machine sometimes can’t meet the processing needs, laser marking gets the advantages of no fade, high speed and high efficiency, so that in a short time it leads the development of the market.
    Secondly, there are many demands on precision in the mold industry and higher requirements in meticulous marking results. The traditional printing machine can’t achieve high accuracy results.
    Thirdly, with higher living standards, the public aesthetic standards also increased, requiring practical and beautiful mold. In order to achieve the perfect marking effect, mold manufacturers abandon the use of traditional ink printing processing methods and adopt the use of laser marking mode.

    In the mold manufacturing, laser marking machine is widely used in mold product identification, date code, serial number and other marking. In the past, these signed is marked by mechanical engraving, chemical etching, ink printing. Among them, there are some advantages and some disadvantages. Mechanical engraving needs matrix, getting large material cost. Chemical etching may leave traces of corrosion where is not required, causing scrap piece of the plate. Ink coding owns low accuracy, is likely to fade at room temperature and heat conditions. The mold laser marking machine is most possible to achieve accurate marking, leaving indelible artistic mark.
    MF20-E fiber laser marking machine is launched as a whole new generation of economical fiber laser marking machine by Han's Yueming Laser Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Han’s Yueming). This marking machine is established in the mainstream of the domestic market, installed with the configuration of Han's Yueming OEM fiber lasers and galvanometer core optics, improved product adaptability and easy maintenance, greatly reducing the producing cost. At the same time, it is installed with a fully digital high-speed marking control card and a powerful PC software which is produced by Han’s Yueming Laser, meeting the needs from different sectors of the mold laser marking, laser marking plastic, food and beverage packaging marking and other marking applications.

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