Necessary stationery at the beginning of school: memo paper engraved by laser engraving machine.

For students, note paper is also one of the common types of stationery in learning. Don't look at it as a small one, it's not only a small one! Help Memorize words, write memos, make notes, and even serve as bookmarks. With the development of the stationery industry, the sticky notes are also endlessly creative, no longer just simple solid color "tofu blocks". The laser engraving machine engraves the note paper, which will make you full of learning after school starts.


Do you still remember the "world's most beautiful note paper" created by the Japanese paper carving company "TRIAD" that Mr Yue Ming introduced to you by using a note paper laser engraving machine? 


In fact, our domestic cultural and creative industries also have a lot of creative note paper designs.

For example, this post-it note for the cultural and creative product "Gulou Ceremony Picture" produced by the "National Treasure" flagship store.

At first glance, there is nothing special,

It's just that the thickness of paper of different colors is different.

But as the sticky notes are used less and less,

The architectural paper sculptures of old building hidden in it gradually emerged.

It is carved by a laser engraving machine.


Using sticky notes of different color levels,

Hide the paper sculpture in the middle,

A pavilion model made of layers of paper.

With the effect of stacking bricks and stones,

Even the flowers and trees of Lord Lou are displayed in the form of paper cuts.

The laser engraving machine delicately restores the details of the building.


The charm of three-dimensional note paper is that,

Originally a bland, simple note paper,

After the laser engraving machine,

Creative design becomes a work of art.

Creative ideas are important,

But the way to realize the creativity is crucial.

The choice of processing method affects the presentation of the final effect of the three-dimensional note paper.


Paper cutting is one of the important applications of note paper laser engraving machine processing for note paper.

Most of the three-dimensional sticky notes on the market today,

They are all made by laser engraving machine with sticky paper.

Because compared to manual cutting and knife cutting,

Laser technology with multiple advantages in one,

It can better adapt to the trend of paper production technology,

Give paper products higher artistic value.


Advantages of laser engraving machine processing paper products:


l  Non-contact processing, no "tool" wear, no mechanical deformation and no mold loss to paper products.

l  Cut according to the design drawings, without direct impact, to maximize the utilization of materials.

l  Software control, unlimited graphics, can quickly complete the processing of various complex graphics.

l  High precision, beautiful cut, more delicate effect


Recommended equipment: three-axis dynamic laser marking machine


Three-axis dynamic laser marking machine MC-D-C


01. Functional characteristics of three-axis dynamic laser marking machine


Three-axis dynamic scanning system

Compact body structure design

Upper and lower double exhaust structure

High-quality original CO2 RF laser

Industrial-grade precision temperature control laser chiller

Independent research and development of SmartScanner special software for marking


02. Process application of three-axis dynamic laser marking machine


The three-axis dynamic laser marking machine is a laser engraving machine. It is mainly used for marking non-metallic materials such as paper products, leather, rubber, wood, bamboo products, plexiglass, ceramic tiles, plastics, marble, jade, crystal, cloth and so on.

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