Paper laser marking machine bring new chance to craft industry

Paper carving art has a long history, with a profound cultural deposits and historical precipitation. Inspired by Islamic architecture, artist Julia Ibbin created a series of paper laser marking machine markes art works, integrating modern laser technology into paper art design. 

The paper laser marking machine can carve out the preset patterns on the paper after computer graphics. The beautiful and exquisite artistic work had been created by painting with dyes such as ink and oil paint. 

These exotic works have complex patterns and layers which imply the multi-cultural background of Julia Ibbin's dual-nationality. Intricate laser hollow pattern shows the fantastic sense of space.  

Paper laser marking machine has creative decorative effect on arts and crafts design. Every piece of work can be a painting from any angle. Its details are as exquisite as classical Moorish architecture.

Paper carving culture is broad and profound. Paper has been given new life by artist's creativity and laser technology. paper Laser marking Technology opens a new chapter for paper art works

Laser equipment recommendation:Paper laser marking machine

Upgraded Triaxial Dynamic Laser marking machine

1. Paper laser marking machine Original imported Co2 RF laser generator, high quality laser spot with uniform power density and stable output power;

2. Triaxial dynamic high speed scanning system, imported core component, equipped with digital display focusing function, small gathering spot, large working area, high speed, flexible and good stability; 

3. The light path cavity adopts sealed dual dustproof design, ensure the laser source, galvanometer and other core optical parts work in a clean environment, make the machine work more stable with longer life;

4. The optical bench can be adjusted manually to meet different processing size requirement, largest working area can reach 600*600mm;

5. Aluminum frame, compact structure, smaller area occupation and higher space utilization;

6. The upper and lower double suction structures enable the processing dust to be effectively removed so as to achieve environmental protection and safety; 

7. Paper laser marking machine has smart scanner professional control system, easy opera on, small resource occupation, quick data processing. Compatible with AutoCAD, CorelDraw with high procession efficiency. 

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