Pen container laser engraving machine creates exquisite stationery accessories

In traditional Chinese culture, there are also many auxiliary appliances besides the four precious articles of the writing table of writing brushes, ink sticks, paper and inkstones. Since Ming Dynasty, pen container has gradually replaced pen bed, which has been favored by men of literature and writing. It has been flourishing and never declining. It is an indispensable practical tool for people learning and working. Laser engraving pen container is a unique branch on the desk. 

Bamboo is fresh and free from vulgarity. Using laser engraving machine to engrave patterns of poetry and painting on bamboo pen container is full of elegance. 

The red sandalwood texture pen container is more elegant. It adopts a spliceable design. After rotating along the axis, it is not only a solid and practical pen container, but also an antique red sandalwood screen. Laser engraving patterns are exquisite and delicate, with a lifelike look. The profound historical and cultural feelings of the pen container are fully displayed by laser engraving machine.

The style of the pen container is changeable and beautiful. Laser engraving machine enriches the style of pen container products, and promotes the overall upgrading of the engraving industry technology. Laser engraving pen container brings you unique desk writing experience

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Up& down table laser engraving & Cutting Machine series

Laser engraving technology display

1. Self-developed Smart Carver software and motion controller with high-speed motion interpolation algorithm to achieve high speed and stable working.

2. Support Ethernet (10/100M) and USB2.0 transmission, the maximum speed is 12M, longest distance 5m. High efficiency and no signal distorted in long distance transmission.

3. Support work time preview and interruptible engraving recovery after power-off.

4. Support dynamic display of trajectory and coordinate points, real-time work track display.

5. Different specialized configuration are available as per user’s processing materials, such as honeycomb platform, square net, and vacuum adsorption equipment for soft materials.

6. Specially designed and configured power-driven lifting platform makes it easier for customer to hollow and engrave materials with different thickness, strong bearing capacity and lifting height reaches 350mm.

7. Specialized rotary carving accessories optional for the substandard working pieces.

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