Please check your laser hollowing notice!

From spring to summer solstice, after more than ten years of hard study,

Survived the fast heart rate when the score was learned.

Its time for the graduates to get the notice again.

The admission notice has been highly anticipated as the first "meeting gift" given by colleges and universities to freshmen.

Since Tsinghua University became popular online in 2018 with its unique paper greeting card laser engraving machine engraving 3D school gate notification design,

All colleges and universities have their own unique tricks in this "new battlefield" of competition.

Strive to use creativity and mind to leave the best first impression on freshmen.

How excellent is this admission letter?

Let's take a look together.


Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics,

Designed independently by students of Beihang New Media Art and Design College.

A paper-cut hollow plane was also presented with the notice,

It represents the hope for the new generation to soar for nine days,

It is a tribute to the national aerospace industry.


Shanghai Jiaotong University,

The notice of Shanghai Jiaotong University comes with a pull-out paper-carved card in the shape of the gate of Jiaotong University.

When not opened, it is the image of the closed plane Jiaotong University gate,

When opened, it slowly becomes a three-dimensional five-layer paper sculpture.

Unfold a colorful picture of campus life.


Nanjing Agricultural College,

The admission notice of Nanjing Agricultural University follows the Chinese style.

The same is in the form of 3D origami,

Nannong had a different taste.

Adopt a 360-degree panoramic view of the whole three-dimensional way,

Presenting exquisite hollow illustrations depicting the style of the five universities,

Vividly displayed before the eyes of every freshman.


Originally a plain and simple piece of paper,

After creative design, it becomes a work of art,

And each has its own merits, no distinction…

Although each notice comes from a different designer in a different school,

But they can be realized by the same process,

That is the paper greeting card laser engraving machine.


Paper hollowing is one of the important applications of laser processing.

In addition to notices, in hollow greeting cards, books, business cards, wedding invitations, etc.,

There is also a place for paper greeting card laser engraving machine in paper product processing.

Compared with manual cutting and knife cutting paper cutting,

The laser technology that integrates many advantages can better adapt to the trend of paper production technology.

Give paper products higher artistic value.


Advantages of hollow paper products of laser engraving machine for paper greeting cards

Ø  No contact processing, no tool wear, no mechanical deformation and no mold loss to paper products

Ø  Make best use of the material-cut according to the design drawings, without direct impact, maximize the utilization of materials

Ø  Unconstrained-software control, graphics are not restricted, can quickly complete the processing of various complex graphics

Ø  Elaborately crafted-high precision, beautiful cuts, more delicate effects


Recommended equipment


Three-axis dynamic CO2 laser marking machine MC-D-C


1 Features


Three-axis dynamic scanning system


Compact body structure design


Upper and lower double exhaust structure


High quality original CO2 RF laser


Industrial-grade precision temperature control laser chiller


Independent research and development of SmartScanner special software for marking


2 Applicable materials


Paper greeting card laser engraving machine is mainly used for marking non-metallic materials such as greeting cards, leather, rubber, wood, bamboo products, plexiglass, ceramic tiles, plastics, marble, jade, crystal, and cloth.

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