Popular science article: What is the mask machine in 1 in 2 production line? How much is a mask machine?

The epidemic let us know a lot of relevant knowledge of masks and mask machines, such as mask machine in 1 in 2 production line, which means that a host (mask forming machine) plus two earloop welding machines (outer earloop). The main body of the machine and the earloop welding machine are connected by a transmission line divided into two. You can understand it through a schematic diagram of the mask machine.


The mask machine produced by Han's Yueming Group only needs one operator to operate the entire production. The production line realizes the fully automated production of flat masks, which mainly includes coil material feeding, folding and pressing, nose clip feeding, mask forming , Mask cutting, ear strap feeding and welding, finished product blanking and other processes. Complete the entire production process from raw materials to finished masks.


Product Features:

1. The machine has a small volume and a small footprint. The whole machine adopts aluminum alloy structure, which is beautiful and sturdy without rust;

2. The output is extremely high, according to customer requirements can produce 1-4 layer mask body; the direction of the mask earband is outward;

3. Compared with the production equipment of segmented masks, this set of equipment is more efficient and more labor-saving;

4. PLC control, photoelectric detection, high reliability and low failure rate.


How much does such a mask machine cost? The current market is hundreds of thousands, down from February and March, but the specific price will still fluctuate. As a first-hand mask manufacturer, the price will definitely be more favorable than that of the middleman. With the strong capital and technical strength of Han's Yueming Group, mask machine delivery and after-sales service are fully guaranteed.

Now that schools in various regions are opening one after another, the demand for flat masks will increase, school personnel will gather, and measures for epidemic prevention and control will be stricter. This is just the situation in China. The epidemic in foreign countries is still spreading. Schools are still suspended. The demand for flat masks will surge in the next few months. Compared with N95 masks, plane masks are more breathable and more suitable for students.


Han's Yueming Group solemnly launched high-end semi-automatic ultrasonic mask earloop welding machine, semi-automatic folding mask machine, mask-specific flying laser marking machine, automatic mask machine, etc., welcome to consult.

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