Potent bookmark: I contract your scholarly feeling~~~Laser Cutting Machine for metal

Potent bookmark said that contract your scholarly feeling. How to contract? Well, read on…

First feeling

The Forbidden City-thousands mile 3D metal bookmark, the designer has great originality and shows the perfect conception. The work came out of the idea of <The Vast Land> which is one of China top ten painting handed down from ancient times. The copper alloy is made by laser cutting machine for metal. It shows texture of the rock perfectly and exquisite workmanship. You will feel magnificent momentum blend in your book when you use it. 

Second feeling

Adorable bookmark store—— CoolBookmark. Using laser to cut into metal strap and use hand burnishing, molding and painting it.


Third feeling

German MODERN mini creative metal bookmarks. It used laser cutting machine technology to cut metal sheet. Mini size . There are various of designs for you to choose. Optimization for people who likes fresh and Chinese style. 

Various bookmark could satisfied your various feelings. Multifunctional bookmark not only used for bookmark, but also ruler. 

Does the potent declaration of bookmark waves your heart?

The laser cutting machine for metal of Yueming Laser Group could help you to process various patterns bookmark easily. The laser cutting has non-trace, non-rough, fine technics and other advantages. It suitable for various art crafts and automobile precision parts as well. 

Laser lady will recommend fiber laser cutting machine for metal to you. Make you feel the strong power of metal laser cutting. 

Equipment recommendation

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine


▶ High performance German imports laser.

▶ Double drive structure of gantry rack,enhanced welded machine tool bad.

▶ Achieved high-accuracy, high-speed cutting for various kinds metal sheets.

▶ Suitable for cutting carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, galvanized sheet, brass, copper and other metal materials. 

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