Sheet metal laser Cutting Machine restores the creative staircase design, each style is amazing!

Many people have a LOFT dream in their hearts,

It is simple and casual, free and cozy, open, with few partitions,

So that people can boldly break through tradition,

Do whatever you want according to your own life needs and aesthetic taste.

Use a sheet metal laser cutting machine to cut the stairs,

Create your ideal life.


Stairs are bridges connecting the upper and lower spaces.

It is also the soul of a LOFT.

Iron staircase is a kind of staircase design,

Because the metal material has a solid structure, high safety, and easy care,

It is the first choice for stairs material in many people's minds.

Compared with conventional processing methods,

The sheet metal laser cutting machine has excellent adaptability and flexibility,

It can provide more space for the design and manufacture of stairs.


Iron stairs generally have hanging, veneer, spiral and so on.

Whether its a staircase composed of simple metal plates,

Or the intricate and gorgeous hollow carved staircase,

The sheet metal laser cutting machine can complete the cutting work quickly and accurately.

Reflecting the beauty of metal lines,

Show the beauty of craftsmanship vividly,

Bring vitality to the entire space.


A sheet metal laser cutting machine integrating cutting, hollowing, and punching,

Realize the diversification and multi-function of furniture products

Promoted the development of the furniture industry,

Invisibly changed peoples quality of life,

It also provides strong technical support for the sheet metal processing industry.


Advantages of laser processing sheet metal


1. Laser processing does not require mold opening, and does not need to make molds for different designs, saving a lot of production costs;


2. Laser processing has high flexibility and unlimited graphics. No matter it is a simple or complex shape, it can be cut and formed by laser at one time, and it can also realize automatic cutting and nesting, which improves material utilization;


3. The laser processing has fast cutting speed, high precision, flat and smooth cutting edges, and no burrs, which reduces the defect rate of products and shortens the product production cycle;


4. The sheet metal laser cutting machine does not produce chemical substances harmful to the human body and the environment, and meets the national environmental protection requirements. Reduce environmental pollution and help furniture manufacturers promote the optimization of the working environment.


Recommended equipment


Built-in plate and tube fiber laser cutting machine


1. Features


A special platform for laser pipe cutting machine can be selected, the plate and tube can be switched at any time, the front is docked, and the side operation is close;


The processing point of the pipe cutting mechanism is placed inside the safety protective cover, and the operator is guaranteed safety protection;


The pipe cutting mechanism feeds 1.5 meters in a single time. After the cutting is completed, it is fed and processed one by one to complete the cutting process of raw material pipes of more than 6 meters;


Selecting different types of jaws can realize the cutting processing of different profiles, such as: angle steel, channel steel, I-beam;


The equipment adopts gantry structure, high-strength welding frame, overall stress relief treatment, good rigidity and small deformation;


High-precision servo motor drive, equipped with high-precision transmission mechanism, high installation accuracy, large transmission torque, small transmission error, and good dynamic characteristics;


Embedded process database, simple and intelligent operation;


Safe and reliable external protection device adopts safety interlock design, high safety, and safe use;


Equipped with a special workbench for pipe cutting to assist the processing and blanking of long pipe workpieces.


2. Applicable materials


The sheet metal laser cutting machine is mainly used for the rapid cutting of carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, brass and other metal materials.

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