Silver Valentine’s Day, only love and laser-engraved silver rings, pendants, bracelets can not live up to.

You must know that February 14th is Valentine's Day

But did you know that July 14th is Silver Valentine's Day?

Silver Valentine's Day is to introduce loved ones to parents

Get a good opportunity for elder recognition

Couples will also give each other silver jewelry

To increase love and faith

Fine silver ornaments will make this beautiful

Distributing eye-catching gorgeous

On this silver valentine

Let laser engraved silver crown your pure love


The encounter between two people is a rare luck in time

The promise of true love between fingers is also the longest confession of TA in this life

Silver laser engraving machine assists lovers to achieve the perfect love token in their hearts

Engrave each other's name deeply into the ring

Commitment to each others steadfastness in love


Love is not just a love agreement for this life

It is a lifelong guardian

The silver laser engraving machine firmly interprets the romance in love

As time goes by, love is still the same


The silver laser engraving machine carries the most sincere emotion for you on the personal jewelry

Engrave a string of symbols, a code word, a promise

Customize the exclusive happiness mark of two people

To swear love for you, tell the exclusive secret word of love


Equipment recommendation

Small DIY portable laser marking machine DMF-E-A


1. Features

DC power supply, support large-capacity lithium battery or battery, indoor and outdoor are never limited, greatly improve the practicality and mobility;

The built-in double red light of the galvanometer, combined with the electric lifting frame, easily realize the electric auxiliary focusing;

Red light preview of marking range, easy operation for novices;

Built-in smoke and dust purification system, efficiently filter out smoke and dust;

Self-locking protective cover: adjust the protective cover to the appropriate position according to the work site layout, fasten the self-locking hinge with a wrench, and lock it once, so that each opening and closing will be customized according to the custom.

Anti-collision cushion rubber pad: The anti-collision cushion rubber pad is installed on the edge of the operation platform, which effectively avoids direct contact with the metal platform when the protective cover is opened and closed, and has a good buffer and shock absorption effect.


2. Process application

The silver laser marking machine is suitable for marking the surface of most plastics and various alloy materials such as stainless steel, alumina, copper and so on.

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