Stainless steel laser cutter creates dazzling products

Laser processing has become an essential process of China's industrial production. Stainless steel laser cutter uses focusing and high-power density laser beam to irradiate stainless steel work pieces which are rapidly melted, vaporized and burned even reach burning point. At the same time it uses high-speed airflow which is coaxial with beam to blow out the molten material to make the work pieces shape.

1, The stainless steel laser cutterhas high efficiency
The whole process of laser cutting can be realized by numerical control operation and can be changed into cutting mode as you like. The laser cutterhas high electro-optical conversion efficiency and cutting efficiency. When you operate, you just need to change numerical control process; it can be applied to cutting different parts, which can be used for two-dimensional cutting and three-dimensional cutting.
2, High-speed leapfrog laser cutting
CMA1530C-G-A stainless steel laser cutterhas high-speed gantry double drive and accelerating speed can be up to 1.2G. It is ok to cut 13mm carbon steel, 8mm stainless steel, 6mm aluminum, 5mm copper. It doesn’t need fixed clamp during cutting, which can save tools and time of loading and unloading.
Recommended model: CMA1530C-G-A metal fiber laser cutter
Product characteristics: CMA1530C-G-A Han's Yueming fiber laser cutter is a high-tech machine which combines laser cutting, precise machinery and motion control technology etc. Using imported high-precision gear and rack, linear guide, gantry double-motor driving system and equipping with high speed, high precision, high efficiency, low cost, this machine is suitable for laser cutting of metal sheets like stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminium alloy, zinc plate etc.

3, Compared with the traditional knife mold cutting, the quality of stainless steel cut by laser is good and work pieces have low deformation rate.

The cutting notch of stainless steel is narrow and joint-cutting sides are parallel and perpendicular to the surface; the accuracy of the size of cutting parts can be up to±0.05mm. The cutting surface of stainless steel laser cutteris smooth and beautiful and the surface roughness is only dozens of microns and even laser cutting can be the last step which doesn’t need mechanical processing and spare parts can be used directly. After laser cutting, heat affected zone width of material is very small and its performance of material near the joint-cutting is not affected; the deformation rate of work pieces is small and the cutting accuracy is high; cutting seam geometry is good and cut seam cross section shape is a rather regular rectangle. The cutting method of oxygen acetylene cutting and plasma is shown in Table 1 and cutting material is low carbon steel plate which is 6.2mm.


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