Stickers laser Cutting Machine is flexible, high-speed and with strong special-shaped cutting ability

Stickers, also called self-adhesive stickers or sticky notes

Which is made of paper, film or special materials

Adhesive coated on the back

Which is a composite material with silicon-coated protective paper as the base paper

Stickers used normally in life and work scenes

Such as price labels, product description labels, anti-counterfeiting labels, barcode labels,

Mark labels, postal parcels, letter packaging, shipping goods marking and so on.

Stickers laser cutting machine is flexible and high-speed and with strong special-shaped cutting ability


There are many materials for making stickers

Such as transparent stickers, kraft paper, paper, and coated paper

Which can be flexibly selected according to different usage and dosage

Also, various adhesive materials can be cut by a laser film cutting machine

And that can replace the traditional film cutting method

So it becomes a "new highlight" in the adhesive processing market in recent years


Processing advantages of laser film cutting machine:


1. High-quality and high-precision: The laser film cutting machine is fully automatic laser cutting and with no vibration deviation, high precision and stability. There is no need to make a film, so the computer directly controls the laser to cut, and is not limited by the complexity of the graphics. Also that can achieve the cutting needs that cannot be completed by the traditional film.


2. There is no need to change the version and it is high efficiency. Because the laser film cutting technology is directly controlled by the computer, so there is no need to change the knife template, which can realize the rapid switching between different layouts. Therefore, that can save the time of changing and adjusting the traditional die cutting, especially suitable for short-run, personalized die-cutting processing. The laser film cutting machine has the characteristics of non-contact type, quick changeover, short production cycle and high production efficiency.


3. Simple and easy to use and high safety. The cutting graphics design can be completed on the computer, and various graphics parameter settings are automatically generated based on software. Therefore, the laser film cutting machine is easy to learn and use, and requires low skills for the operator. The equipment has a high degree of automation, which reduces the labor intensity of the operator. At the same time, the operator does not need to directly operate the job during cutting, which is with good safety.


4. Repeatable processing: Since the cutting program compiled by the computer can be stored by the laser film cutting machine, when it is re-produced. Also, repeatable processing can be achieved when it is with corresponding program.


5. It can realize fast proofing: because the laser film cutting machine is controlled by a computer, and it can realize low-cost, fast film cutting proofing.


6. Low cost of use: The cost of laser film cutting technology mainly includes equipment cost and equipment use cost. Compared with traditional film cutting, the cost of laser film cutting technology is very low. The maintenance rate of the laser film cutting machine is extremely low, and the key component-the laser tube, which has a service life of more than 20,000 hours. In addition to electricity, there are no various consumables, auxiliary equipment, and uncontrollable waste.


Self-adhesive label cutting solution

From the early manual cutting and film cutting

To use more advanced laser film cutting machine cutting

The interpretation is not only the progress of the cutting method

At the same time, it is also the change in market demand for self-adhesive

Self-adhesive as an important decorative element in goods

Under the wave of consumption upgrade

Which is an important role of brand promotion

More personalized patterns, shapes and texts need to be customized

Laser cutting stickers, combining the beauty of design and business demands


Recommended equipment: automatic laser film cutting machine



Using imported CO2 radio frequency laser, the spot quality is good, the optical power density is uniform, and the output optical power is stable;

Three-axis dynamic scanning system, the core device adopts imported configuration. Intuitive operability, small focusing spot, large working range, high speed and flexibility, and good stability;

The optical path cavity adopts a fully enclosed double dustproof design, which effectively protects core optical components such as lasers and galvanometers from pollution, making the equipment work more stable and have a longer life;

The height of the marking head can be adjusted to meet the maximum processing format of 600mm*600mm;

The upper and lower double ventilation system can effectively remove the processing dust, achieving environmental protection and safety;

The fully automated rewinding system adopts a professional tension controller and a servo motor to form a motion control system to ensure synchronization of material rewinding, and the running accuracy is less than 0.1mm;

Optional visual alignment and flight marking functions;

Equipped with self-developed Smart Scanner professional control system, compatible with graphics designed by professional drawing software such as AutoCAD, CorelDraw, etc., which is fast processing speed and high processing efficiency.



The automatic laser film cutting machine can be used for processing flexible film materials such as stickers, reflective films, PET films, PVC films, and PP films.

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