Super attractive business card, laser cutting and hollowing made for you

Customer could know your personal work information through the visiting card. Then how to make you business card memorable?

With the development of laser technology, using laser to hollow out visiting card becomes the new tidal current which is functional and noticeable.

Laser girl shares these attractive visiting cards that made by laser engraving Cutting Machine with you today. It will definitely score a few points for you in business activities. 

Paper business card laser cutting and hollowing

Using laser equipment to hollow out, engrave character, lines and graphics on coated paper. The ordinary coated paper could show different results. 

Wooden business card laser cutting and hollowing

Using laser hollowing and engraving technology to process wood materials could highlight ambience of literature and art.

Metallic business card laser cutting and hollowing

It not only durable, but also could used for tools. This is a bike repair company visiting card. It could be used for tightening bike screws.  

These super attractive business cards definitely could make a deep impression on your customer. A seemingly complicated technology, laser cutting and hollowing technology could easily complete.

You definitely have been touched by tailored attractive business card. 

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