Superb, overweening: Interpretation of Powerful laser processing

The beginning of interpretation of Powerful laser processing is the time when Einstein proposed “stimulated emission” theory. Even today, the technical theory of interaction between light and matter had a profound impact on the past nearly 100-year laser technology history and will be the based support for the future development of laser. 

Medical Innovations, laser endless

In medical industry, the application of laser has been known for a long time and accepted by people. As early as 1961, laser used to kill the retina tumor in the surgery. Since then, laser processing technology becomes an important technique of minimally invasive surgery in the hospital. Laser minimally invasive can help patients relieve suffering. In addition, laser has also been used in treating myopia, facial and others. 

Gorgeous stage colorful laser

When laser comes into art world, it is the enjoyment of color. Laser holographic imaging is used in improve the effects of stage’s lighting in 1971. Because of the characters of the orientation lighting, high brightness and pure color of laser which can give colorful fantasy wonderful effect of stage. 

In manufacturing world, laser takes the lead

When talk about laser’s leader position, we will begin with the development of manufacturing industries. With simple words, laser processing technology is the interaction with high-energy laser beam and matter, which can cut, engrave, mark, weld and other process on the material. Since laser processing used in car manufacturing and integrated circuit in 1990, it has been pave the way for the next 20 years industry development. From now on, laser manufacturing has taken the lead.  

To sum up

In advertising, lighting, sheet metal, aerospace, metal molds, construction, household appliance, kitchenware and other manufacturing industry, which would like to use laser Cutting Machine, laser marking machine, laser engraving machine and other equipment. laser processing seems to declare: superb walks of life, I will be overweening in processing market.   

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