The competition in the field of electric wire: wire laser marking machine

 The laser marking machine is widely used in many fields of electronic components, electrical products, integrated circuits, hardware products, auto parts, plastic products and precision instruments.

    Wire and cable are the wire products, used for transmitting electrical (magnetic) energy, information and implementation of electromagnetic energy conversion. Wires and cables are usual in our daily lives, you can also see the product identification and , wire and cable manufacturers LOGO, etc. When it comes to this identification, it would have to use wire marking machine to create.

Han’s Yueming Laser: Advantages of wire marking machine
1. High photoelectric conversion efficiency, low energy consumption and less cost;
2. With flexible structure, convenient adjustment, it can be installed on the assembly line;
3. High marking speed, high precision, high stability;
4. Permanent marker, environmental marking process .

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    The wire marking machine was prized as “Eagle” with the fast, exact and accurate processing effect. The laser marking machine uses high-quality source of carbon dioxide, has incomparable advantages in special materials marking. It is mainly used for printing Chinese characters, English, numbers, batch number, production date, expiry date, LOGO, and real-time clock information, such as digital security channeling, meeting the need of pharmaceutical and food industries.

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