The laser cutting lace underwear can give you the comfort and beauty you want.

In the sultry summer,

Choosing underwear is really a technical job,

It needs to be comfortable and breathable, but also beautiful and beautiful.

As the appearence index of the underwear industry-

Breathable, thin and versatile lace underwear,

It is a summer necessity for many girls.

Underwear is a woman's "intimate partner",

And delicate lace is more like a woman's second skin,

Therefore, the delicate degree of lace fabric cutting is very important.


The texture of the lace as thin as a cicada gives a hazy beauty,

However, the thin and light fabrics are easy to spin with traditional cutting methods,

And the processing speed is slow and the efficiency is low.

Non-contact lace underwear laser Cutting Machine has high processing accuracy,

The cut is smooth and clean,

There will be no rough edges, burrs, etc.,

Gentle care for the delicate skin of women.


There are tens of thousands of lace patterns, and there are many ways to express lace.

Lace underwear laser cutting machine can design drawings through computer software,

Quickly complete the cutting work on the lace fabric.

Feel free to sketch any lace shape,

It is possible to create more layers of underwear design.

When you wear it, you bring your own fairy spirit,

Distribute the charm of women to the extreme.


Lace is enduring in the ever-changing fashion trends,

Advanced laser technology promotes lace underwear design

Constantly update and change, and push to the forefront of popularity.

Equipment recommendation

Lace laser cutting machine CMA1206C-DFV-A


1. Features

High efficiency dual independent motion system cutting mode, the maximum speed can reach 300mm/s;

Imported configuration of core parts, stable performance of the whole machine;

Configurable large-format camera cutting system;

The material collection area and processing area are designed separately, the material collection does not stop, and the safety is higher;

Integrated circuit design reduces the wiring of auxiliary machines. Customers only need to provide the access end of the main power cord and the air source.


2. Process application

Lace underwear laser cutting machine is mainly used for rapid cutting of various non-metal flexible materials such as lace, digital printing, knitted gauze and so on.

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