The laser Cutting Machine cuts lace accessories to interpret elegant and romantic dressing fashion.

Lace is a kind of textile with net-like holes. As a decorative accessory, it often appears on the neckline, cuffs, hem and other parts of clothes. In recent years, lace has been resurrected in the hands of designers, and it has flooded the high-end fashion shows and ready-to-wear markets with a new look. In today's ever-changing fashion, clothing made of lace as an accessory is very popular among fashion lovers. The laser cutting machine cuts lace accessories to interpret elegant and romantic dressing fashion.


Lace accessories are for womens clothing,

It is a versatile accessory with added taste.

Add lace dresses,

Can have a richer texture,

It also significantly improves the level of ordinary single products,

Create a romantic and fashionable atmosphere.

The beam of the laser cutting machine,

Dancing wantonly on the thin lace,

Complete quickly according to the computer-designed template.

Cut all kinds of lace patterns,

What changes is the complicated pattern,

The constant is eternal romance.


Light lace accessories,

It is easy to spin with traditional cutting methods,

And the processing speed is slow, the efficiency is low,

And using non-contact laser cutting machine processing,

Not only high precision and fast speed,

It can also prevent yellowing and silk loss,

Makes a romantic and feminine lace.

When decorated on the body, the effect is doubled and full of fairy spirit,

If there is a flower that seems to be exuding graceful breath.


Lace is luxurious and sexy,

Lace is also full of poetry.

The laser process creates the romantic lines of lace,

The delicate touch, the looming hollow,

Distribute the most charming and romantic temptation.

Different colors, different cutting styles,

With the whimsical ideas of the costume designers,

Form a unique and beautiful landscape.

Laser cutting machine cuts lace accessories,

Let ordinary clothes rejuvenate and full of spirituality.


Recommended equipment: lace laser cutting machine


Lace laser cutting machine


Features of lace laser cutting machine:


High-efficiency double independent motion system cutting mode, the maximum speed can reach 300mm/s


Imported configuration of core parts, stable performance of the whole machine


Configurable large format camera cutting system


The receiving area is designed separately from the processing area, and the receiving area does not stop, and the safety is higher


Integrated circuit design, reducing the wiring of machine auxiliary equipment, customers only need to provide the main power cord access terminal and air source


Applicable materials for lace laser cutting machine:


Lace laser cutting machine is mainly used for the rapid cutting of lace accessories, digital printing, knitted gauze and other non-metallic flexible materials.

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