The laser Cutting Machine cuts the reflective strips of the warning suit to provide support for the front-line personnel in flood fighting.

Recently, due to the impact of flood peaks, multiple flood peaks of the Yangtze River and Jialing River hit Chongqing, causing the first catastrophic flood in 80 years.


Public security, armed police, and firefighters were dispatched together to ride the wind and waves on the rescue line, fight continuously, fight every second, move the trapped people, maintain traffic order… What impresses is not only the heart-warming moments of rescue, but also the protective reflective warning clothing which cutted by laser cutting machine.


The warning suit is composed of fluorescent cloth and special reflective material,

So that the wearer, whether day or night,

Can form a sharp contrast with the surrounding environment.

The reflective strip cut by the laser cutting machine on the warning uniform is like a beam of light in the hearts of the people trapped in the flood.

Give them hope of survival.

Ambulance personnel are vigorously fighting floods and saving people,

Laser technology is also very powerful in the processing of the reflective strips of warning clothing.


The traditional knife-die cutting and cutting process is complicated and the labor cost is high.

Inevitably, there are phenomena such as low processing accuracy and impenetrability.

And the flexible laser cutting machine does not need to open the mold,

After the computer software drawing software draws the picture,

The high-precision cutting of various graphics and characters can be realized on the reflective strips of the warning clothes,

Then transfer it on the warning clothing with a hot pressing tool.


The laser cutting machine has high cutting efficiency and extremely small heat-affected area.

It can greatly reduce the edge melting phenomenon,

Reduce the defective rate of products,

Ensure the quality and workmanship of the warning clothes,

No fear of the intrusion of bad weather.


At present, the flood in Chongqing city has receded,

The first level emergency response of flood defense has been terminated.

Recovery work after the flood is about to start,

Volunteers, militiamen, firefighters and other flood fighting personnel have not stopped.

Thank you all here,

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Recommended equipment: automatic laser film cutting machine


Fully automatic laser film cutting machine FC600-B-A


1. The functional characteristics of the automatic laser film cutting machine


Using the imported CO2 radio frequency laser, the spot quality is good, the optical power density is uniform; the output optical power is stable;

Three-axis dynamic scanning system, the core device adopts imported configuration. Intuitive operability, small focusing spot, large working range, high speed and flexibility, and good stability;

The light path cavity adopts a fully enclosed double dustproof design, which effectively protects the core optical components such as lasers and galvanometers from pollution, making the equipment work more stable and longer life;

The height of the marking head can be adjusted to meet the maximum processing format of 600mm600mm;

The upper and lower double exhaust system can effectively remove the processing dust and achieve environmental protection and safety;

The fully automated rewinding system adopts a professional tension controller and a servo motor to form a motion control system to ensure the synchronization of material rewinding, and the running accuracy is less than 0.1mm;

Optional visual alignment and flight marking functions;

Equipped with independent research and development of the SmartScanner professional control system, compatible with importing graphics designed by professional graphics software such as AutoCAD, CorelDraw, etc., with fast processing speed and high processing efficiency.


2. Process application of automatic laser film cutting machine


The automatic laser film cutting machine is mainly used for the processing of flexible film materials such as reflective materials and PET.

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