The laser welding skill is so close to us

Laser welding skill is so close to us , laser welding is the use of high energy density laser beam as a heat source to melt the surface of the material and then solidified into a whole. The size of the heat-affected zone, weld aesthetics, welding efficiency is an important indicator to judge the quality of the welding process. Laser welding has a high welding speed, large depth-to-width ratio, high intensity, small narrow weld heat-affected zone, little deformation of the workpiece, less subsequent processing and flexibility such advantages, can greatly improve the welding efficiency and stability. It gets very beautiful welding surface effect. Laser welding machine can not only weld common carbon and stainless steel, but also weld conventional welding material which is difficult to weld, such as structural steel, aluminum, copper and other metals, it and can weld various forms of weld.
Laser welding skill is so close to us- bathroom, kitchen industry

Laser welding application is more and more common in the bathroom, stainless steel, glasses, mobile power manufacturing industry. Among them, stainless steel sanitary ware manufacturer get increasing requirements on welding strength and appearance effect, especially for high quality welding parts requirements, can rarely without subsequent processing or subsequent processing methods to complete. Due to the enormous heat input, the traditional welding methods will inevitably bring distortion issues of the workpiece, to increase expenses. Laser welding skill gets the perfect exquisite craft on high-grade stainless steel products.
Laser welding skill is so close to us- the jewelry industry

As we known, jewelry industry eagers to being perfect, only exquisite craft can be popular. Processing jewelry need professional, superb processing skill, laser welding skill meets its needs. Laser welding ensures its precision welding by magnifying the jewelry.

Laser welding skill is so close to us – digital products, mobile phones, computer industry
The digital production seams very small from appearance. In fact, it has a lot of parts of internal organs, there are a lot of circuits need to weld, Accurate processing needs laser welding.
Laser welding gets no pollution, high speed, more suitable for use in the automotive industry, such as welding car body, dial, valve, piston, etc., after welding good sealing, high strength, high temperature high pressure, corrosion resistance, long service life. On the body no contact or no pressure welding process will not affect the plat, it would not have mechanical distortions and wave plate edges likely to cause defects such as spot welding laser welding skill to bring the perfect plane for automotive parts Cutting and 3D cutting effect.
With recent advances of control skill and laser skill, laser welding has become increasingly easy to use. We need to have control of the overall vision, to maximize the advantages of laser welding in various industries, using friendly design suitable for laser welding, in order to obtain beautiful welding surface effect, improve production efficiency and reduce production costs. Han’s Yueming laser offers a variety of high-end laser equipment with the help of the advice, such as 3D laser marking machine, co2 laser Cutting Machine, fiber laser cutting machine and so on.

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