The safety points of concrete cutting construction. For cutting construction, look for Shanghai Yaomin Concrete Cutting. Let’s take a look at the safety points of concrete cutting construction.

1. Quality management measures

According to the construction characteristics of this project, a quality model management system is implemented on site.

2. Safety assurance measures 1) Electricity for construction

It is required to implement the separation of working zero and protection zero, and install the on-site general distribution box. All sites require the use of “3C” logo electrical boxes to achieve three-level protection. All the power inlet and outlet wires are equipped with soft and hard protective sleeves on site.

The electrical appliances in the electrical box are required to indicate the purpose to ensure the use of one machine and one gate. The actual load of the fuse and the electrical equipment of the line should match. The site should be equipped with necessary safety protection equipment and sufficient fire extinguishers. The erection of cable lines on the construction site shall ensure good insulation and isolation.

It is required to be equipped with electrical safety signs.

The electric box should be waterproof and anti-smashing measures, and the operation position of the electric box should be arranged in an appropriate position for easy operation.

Safety measures for construction machinery

On-site construction personnel must be familiar with the safety technical operation regulations of various construction machinery of this type of work, strictly abide by the relevant safety technical operation regulations, and achieve safe production. According to the characteristics of different stages of construction, timely clarify the safety technology to the operators. Before construction, it is necessary to check whether the operating environment is unblocked, whether the equipment is firm, whether the safety facilities and protective equipment are safe, and the construction can only be carried out after the inspection meets the requirements.

All electric tools should be equipped with switch boxes, locked, and managed by a special person, and the height of the power cord should not be less than 2.5 meters. When using power tools, there must be a dedicated person to manage and operate them. Equipped with a guardian during operation to prevent electric shock.

“Three Treasures” and “Four Mouths” Protection

All personnel entering the construction site must wear safety helmets and wear them properly. Personnel working at heights or hanging in the air must wear safety belts.

Protective railings and warning signs shall be installed at the entrances of stairs, passages, and reserved openings.

The protective measures of the “four mouths” that must be moved and dismantled must be approved by the person in charge of the unit’s engineering and other measures can be taken before they can be moved and dismantled.

Temporary protection of cutting positions such as floors and roofs is carried out simultaneously with the cutting of the openings, and the slabs are covered as border protection

Waterproof solution during cutting

Since water cooling is required in the cutting work, the following measures should be taken to prevent sewage from entering the non-construction area:

  • 1. In the construction area, use geotextiles to build facilities for maintenance, and carry out fully enclosed construction to prevent splashes and prevent non-construction personnel from entering and slipping;
  • 2. The Cutting Machine is equipped with a water flow guide tube, and the cooling water is directly introduced into the special water bucket at the lower part;
  • 3. Sandbags are used on the floor in the lower area to form a closed cofferdam to prevent water from spreading and outflowing.
  • 4. The sewage in the cofferdam shall be collected and cleaned by special personnel in time to avoid the existence of water and sediment, and concentrated in the large bucket, and cleaned and cleaned again after the completion of the construction;
  • 5. All sewage shall not be directly discharged into sewers to prevent clogging of sewer pipes, sedimentation should be treated as clean water and re-use should be considered, and sediments should be treated as construction waste.

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