The secret of doubling sales of snack: CO2 laser marking technology

If you feel hungry in working time, what to do? 

Without snacks supplemental, what to do? 

Don’t worry, you could eat visiting card! 

Laser lady, how hungry you are? 


No! No! No! It’s actually edible. Don’t believe? Let’s keep looking. 

[Take a bite beef visiting card] It is definitely impressive if you give someone a beef visiting card by using laser marking technology. People could buy beef visiting card from a website called Meet Cards. It doesn’t exist printing ink pollution problem because the character is marked on meet. Meanwhile the merchant could ensure the character keep clearly in a year. 

The Japanese company Arigatou invented an edible visiting card. Peanut, and beans also could be made for visiting card. Is it amazing? Peanut could change into visiting card through the laser marking technology. It could mark company sign, name, address, phone number and other information on uneven surface. Though this kind of visiting card is more expensive than others, it definitely will make a deep impression on people. 

Launching this visiting card is for promoting a bakery. These visiting cards are edible. They also have vanilla and chocolate flavor for customer choosing. 

The CO2 laser marking machine is environmental and efficient. It could achieve accurate marking and ensure the edible security. 

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