The sofa fabric laser cutting bed is an ideal helper for sofa fabric processing.


When you come into your home or visit someone else's home as a guest,

What do you see at first glance?

I think the first thing most people should notice is the sofa.

Sofa fabric laser cutting bed cutting sofa is the soul of a family

Not only take on functions such as leisure meeting

It also affects the style characteristics of the entire living room and even the entire house


A good sofa can leave a deep impression at a glance.

So for sofa manufacturers,

The choice of sofa fabric and processing method is very important.

In the past, many sofa fabric processing manufacturers used manual or tool cutting.

The technical requirements for the operators are high, and the material leveling is difficult and time-consuming.

Manual measurement and typesetting are inefficient, and cutting is easy to cause errors and other problems.

The sofa fabric laser cutting bed came into being.


Common sofa fabrics mainly include genuine leather, artificial leather, cotton and linen cloth, etc.

The sofa fabric laser cutting bed can adapt to the cutting of a variety of flexible fabrics.

Use computer software to control the cutting path,

The automatic typesetting function can improve the utilization rate of cloth and prevent the waste of materials.

Equipped with an automatic feeding system, it saves time and effort and is easy to operate.

At the same time, the pressing rod ensures the flatness of the cloth during the feeding process,

Both high precision and stability make the sofa fabric pieces more exquisite.


The sofa fabric laser cutting bed creates the beauty and craft value of the details of the sofa.

Demonstrate strength with quality and interpret ingenuity with details.

From detail to overall, from taste to experience,

Make the home improvement effect get a qualitative leap.

Let ingenuity optimize the life of each home.


Recommended equipment


Special laser cutting bed for textile fabric


1. Features


Reinforced welded machine bed, imported large-scale gantry finish milling, tempered treatment and vibration aging effect to eliminate stress, ensuring that the deformation tolerance of the machine tool is within ±0.02mm;


Double beam asynchronous laser cutting system: It can reasonably allocate two laser heads for mixed cutting in the same cutting width for a variety of different sizes and irregular arrangements, which effectively improves work efficiency and saves materials;


Rack and pinion double servo drive, the maximum running speed can reach 60m/min;


Finite element and dynamic simulation analysis technology with independent technical property rights, select high-strength cast aluminum alloy beam of aviation-grade aluminum alloy material, light weight, good rigidity and good dynamic performance;


Fully automatic electronic lubrication system, maintenance-free, saves time, worry and trouble, and can ensure continuous 24 hours uninterrupted production operation of the equipment.


2. Process application


Sofa fabric laser cutting bed is suitable for laser cutting of sofa, leather, carpet, curtain, clothing cutting, airbag, and other textile fabrics.

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