The strategy of showing frog: travel frog wool fabric laser Cutting Machine

Earlier this year, a hit Japanese game about a frog who regularly disappears on vacation has been very popular among young Chinese for its "Buddha-style" gameplay. Tabi Kaeru, or “travel frog”, was developed by the firm Hit-Point. Players collect clover leaves and use them to buy food and other items to help the frog in its travels around the world. The animal later returns with “gifts” and snapshots of where it has been for the player.

Young gamers like to post their frog pictures on moments. But you can’t post your frog when he takes on his trip and you don’t know when he will come back. 

Don’t worry about it, Han’s yueming laser provide the strategy of showing frog for you. That is a authentic wool fabric travel frog. With it you can take pictures of your frog any time, at any angle. Let’s see how authentic it is! 

The main fabric of plush toy is textile material . It is made of stuffed into various of filler. It loved by people for lovely and authentic modeling, soft touch, extrusion resistant, excellent appearance etc. whether a exquisite small one or a giant one, it all makes people happy. As a product with direct contact to skin, quality requirement is relatively high. It will affect artistic and touch if the notch of plush toy is uneven and full of angles. Therefore, wool fabric laser cutting equipment is particularly important.

The laser cutting machine adopt contact-free cutting, machining accuracy is millimeters.

It could ensure the notch is smooth, non-burr, anti-yellow and higher quality.

The laser cutting machine don’ need auxiliary die cutter. It could achieve each part of cutting accurately by drawing the customized toys.   

High quality wool fabric laser cutting machine, Han’s yueming could do it!

Han’s yueming group plant the market after years of exploration for plush toy processing requirements and provide single head laser cutting machine, double head laser cutting machine, camera laser cutting machine, auto-feeding laser cutting machine and so on. We firmly believe that "a suitable one for you! 

Well, what advantages does laser cutting machine have?

1. High-end technical system and fast curvilinear cutting function

2. Avoided complex operation, achieved precision cutting. Operator could skillfully use after simple training.

3. It not only could cut wool fabric, but also soft fabric like swimsuit and sport suit etc.

You won’t want to miss such great laser machine. I will recommend you two high-performance and practical laser cutting machine next.

GD HAN’S YUEMING Laser Equipment Recommendation 

Auto feed laser cutting machine

◆Mutual movable double laser Head processing

◆With array nesting cutting system, the greatest degree of assurance of taking full advantage of material.

◆For odd-number work patterns cutting, one laser head automatically turn off. Avoid damaging the cut fabric, cutting perfectly.

Vision laser cutting machine

◆Incredible continuous carving against power failure function. No need to cut repeatedly when you powered second time after power failure.

◆The software design of shortest cutting path could save 10%~20% of the work time on average.

◆Auto camera position system. The CCD camera system extracts contour of the patterns, then the software will help to search the same pattern automatically, then do the cutting accordingly.

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