Tri-axis Dynamic Laser Cutter Surprising Footwear Makers: 1s Extreme Cutting

Spring is back, everything shows a thriving scene and shoe industry has big challenges and opportunities in this spring. Dongguan is a famous footwear making city in the world, and Dongguan Likai company owned by Taiwan capital has once ranked Dongguan footwear industry, but in this spring, it announced to closure all the production line and evacuated this cruel battlefield. Technology changes company’s destiny, which allows enterprises to obtain new profit point. Innovative laser machine MC275-D-A Tri-axis dynamic laser cutter helps footwear makers to solve produce problem.

Han’s Yueming Laser has steeped in shoe industry for fifteen years. With the maturing of technology, it has been launch out advanced laser Cutting Machine, laser engraving machine and laser cutter , which are the surprise products highly respected.

MC150-D series laser marker adopted German original rofin CO2 laser generator, equipped with world’s leading auto-focus triaxial dynamic marking system, which maximum processing format is 600mm*600mm. And it can mark perfect pattern in a format of 600*600 mm leather within one second, so this product is overwhelming and has endless charm.
Brief introduction of MC150-D-A laser cutter 
MC275-D-A dynamic tri-axial laser cutter adopted German Rofin CO2 generator with original packaging, which is stable output power; equipped with excellent tri-axial dynamic marking system that makes sure well performance; intelligent enclosed and fluid mechanics construction, keeping people away from laser radiation.  


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