Using laser to cut Spout of automotive plastic parts has accelerated the pace of lightweighting in the automotive industry.

Automobile lightweighting has become an important direction for the development of the automobile industry, which not only improves the driving performance of the automobile, but also enhances the safety of the automobile, saves fuel costs and manufacturing costs, and further meets market demand. When designing and manufacturing automobiles, various manufacturers have achieved the goal of lightweighting automobiles by widely applying lightweight plastic products. It can be said that, in addition to the use of high-strength materials for the body, many parts will use plastic as much as possible. According to experiments, the mass of a car is reduced by half, and the fuel consumption is also reduced by nearly half.


The front and rear bumpers of the car are typical representatives. In the early years, the bumpers of car bodies were made of metal. Some were stamped from steel plates and then welded to the body. However, due to factors such as light weight, mass production, and aesthetics, the car manufacturers finally found A better alternative-plastic bumper. Plastic bumpers not only save manufacturing costs, but also have lower requirements for industrial level and are easier to produce. Therefore, after the manufacturing cost is controlled, it will eventually be reflected in the price of the car.


The lightweight of automotive interior and exterior accessories is an important part of the lightweight of the whole vehicle. With the continuous in-depth research and development of plastic technology, many automotive parts have met the demand for plasticization, including instrument panels, door inner panels, and body covering Parts, chassis, bumpers, fuel tanks, engine intake manifolds and clutch actuator systems, etc.


In order to meet mass production, these plastic parts are mostly processed by injection molding.  injection molding will inevitably produce nozzles. The nozzle refers to the flow channel part generated after injection molding, which is the surplus scraps other than the product such as the intersection of the mold and the injection port left during the production of plastic products. These excess scraps need to be cut before assembly.


Nowadays, in the cutting of plastic nozzles, laser cutting has become the main equipment. As we all know, the laser Cutting Machine has very excellent precision and accuracy. Because of the different shapes and sizes of these plastic nozzles, the requirements for cutting are high, but if they are manual, they cannot guarantee the accuracy of the cutting, and the efficiency is not high and the speed is slow. However, laser equipment solves this problem well.


Recommended equipment:


The general laser cutting machine uses a high-energy density laser beam to irradiate the junction of the nozzle to instantaneously vaporize and melt the material to complete the cutting. The laser beam has no inertia and the cutting direction is not limited. It can achieve high-speed arbitrary straight or curved cutting according to the shape of the nozzle to be processed. The general-purpose laser cutting machine belongs to non-contact cutting. The cutting edge is affected by heat very little, and there is no thermal deformation of the workpiece. It completely avoids the collapse of the die during punching. The laser cutting seam is smooth and smooth, and generally does not require secondary processing.


Universal co2 laser cutting machine CMA1309-B-A





The "upgrade" machine integrates various auxiliary power supplies on the fuselage, unified control, all handles and door locks are ergonomically designed, and the large auxiliary machine reserve box design on the back of the machine allows customers to place more auxiliary machines Reasonable and fully comply with 6S management requirements;

Independently developed SmartCarve software and motion controller, using high-speed interpolation motion algorithm to achieve high-speed and stable operation of the machine;

Support Ethernet (10/100M) and USB2.0 transmission, the maximum USB transmission rate is 12M, the longest distance is 5m;

Support real-time display and tracking of dynamic display of processing trajectory, coordinate points and processing progress;

Support power-off and engraving, working time preview function, and working time preview can be accurate to the millisecond level;

The software supports spot size trajectory compensation, and a path optimization scheme can be designed on the software.


Process application:


The general laser cutting machine can be applied to nozzle cutting in automobile lightweight manufacturing process, punching and cutting of plastic parts, cutting of fabric interior decoration, etc.


Process advantages:


High production efficiency: Due to the different shape and size of the nozzle, the requirements for cutting are high. The traditional electric shearing method can neither guarantee the accuracy of cutting, nor is it efficient. The laser cutting equipment can solve this series of problems well, and can cut the nozzles of different plastics indiscriminately.


More beautiful cutting: laser cutting has a small heat-affected area, no deformation of the workpiece, no scars, no yellow and no scorched edges, smooth and beautiful, and reduces the subsequent grinding process.


Intelligent operation: it can cooperate with the operation of the manipulator to position and sort once, and no manual operation is required. The automatic manipulator takes the material and receives it.


Higher safety: There are hidden dangers in the traditional electric shearing method, which is easy to cause personal injury, and laser cutting prevents people from directly touching the cutting equipment, thereby improving the safety of cutting.


Replacing steel with plastic has become an inevitable means of lightweighting automobiles. Behind its lightweight development is the development of the automobile mold industry. It is understood that in a new car, about 500 car injection molds are required. The demand for molds for automobiles is increasing, so that the nozzle cutting of automotive plastic parts will also be increasing. Laser cutting has become the first choice for nozzle cutting of automotive plastic parts due to its superior precision, accuracy, flexibility and intelligence. If you want to know our general laser cutting machine (CMA1309-B-A), airbag cutting machine, projection laser cutting machine, etc., please call the service hotline: 0769-8983 8888

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