Wedding dress laser cutting equipment create romantic and perfect wedding

Every girl has a dream of a romantic wedding dress in her heart

The most romantic gift is to marry a loved one in a beautiful wedding dress

Wedding dress laser cutting equipment, give you unparalleled beauty

The strapless dress retains the traditional romantic element

Intricate jacquard details add a modern touch to the dress

Perfect fusion of classic and modern

Set off the purity and shine of the bride

The design of hollow sleeves adds a touch of retro charm to this wedding dress

Like roses blooming on arms

It’s elegant and dignified, the gauze is swaying

Exudes the breath of the aesthetic dream

The beautiful texture presents the body lines perfectly

The pearl chain on the back is gorgeous and brilliant

The wedding dress delicate like a piece of art

Elegance is revealed in every action

The precision of laser cutting technology is revealed in every detail of wedding dress

Satisfy women's expectations of fashion, luxury and fantasy wedding dresses

Wedding dress laser cutting equipment

Perform romantic and perfect wedding

Recommended mode-Double Head Asynchronous Laser Cutting Machine With Vision

① Double head asynchronous laser cutting system, mixed nesting function available, the software will separate the work and align to the two heads to cut asynchronously, highly improve machine efficiency and save materials;

② Large vision cutting system: Linear array cameras extract the patterns contour or features during the conveyor moving, then cut accordingly and preciously; take the flexible fabric deformation into consideration, the cutting precision is within 1.5mm; 

③ Sectional ventilation design: Four independent exhaust fans, automatic recognize and locate on the cutting area, shut down all the other fans to focus on cutting area and save energy;

④ The Epsilon-type conveyor is made of die casted aviation aluminum, light weight, stable structure, no distortion and good flatness. The conveyor is joined one by one, which can be replaced separately, easy for maintenance and with long life.

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