Welfare hidden in laser marking machine

Nowadays we will surprisingly find there is extra bonus when we buy filled drinks or bottled drinks . Of course the bonus will depend on your luck .Below the laser girl will explain the secret of the extra bonus. 

To get more customers to drink more of their drinks , the manufacturers began to print QR code on the bottle or tin . You can lottery by scanning the QR code marked on bottle cap . 

But how did these QR code be printed on the bottle cap .The secret is the laser marking machine. 

Not only the QR code but another information such as the date of manufacturer and logo of the company can also be printed on both nonmetal material and metal material easy.

Marking or printing on bottle cap

Our self-developed laser marking machine have been sold very well . The beverages cap manufacturers use it to marking or printing, which is safe and environmental . Besides , it improve the production efficiency greatly and save the cost a lot .The fiber laser Cutting Machine is usually be used to mark on electrical parts and aluminum foil of the medicine. 

Recommended Machine

MUV3-A-A UV online laser marking machine 

uv laser marking machine


Stable performance: High speed digital galvo scanner , industrial UV laser source , embedded flying marking controller , high integration , more compacted design , less power consumption and stable performance 

Easy operation : touch screen with friendly HMI , simple and easy operation process

Compacted design: integrate optical cavity and controller together , lifting frame is available for up& down ,front& rear and pitch angle adjustment to match different production line.

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