What is the best choice to run a street stall? Laser engraving machine!

“Come on! Let’s run a street stall! ” As the roadside enconomy became hot online, many people start to think about what to sell to run a street stall. Then, what about the special produt for street stall–Laser engraving machine!


Laser engraving of power bank


What is the best choice to run a street stall? As a newbie what to be the hotest stall on the street, you neet to be diferent. Crayfish? barbecue? Sushi? Film? Clothes, shoes and hats? For the newbie, you don’t have technology, the competition is also great, which atreet dosen’t exist these phenomenon? Thirdiy, is very tired to run a street stall. Selling crayfish just washing those tens of pounds can make you give up the idea of stalls. The laser engraving machine is not so much trouble.


Laser engraving mobile phone protective shell


The laser engraving machine is exquisite, compact, portable and easy to carry.  It does not need to prepare other consumables. It can be powered on, and it can be simple computer operation. You don't need to prepare various ingredients like sushi, you don't have to be smoked like a barbecue, and you don't have to spend time at the wholesale market like selling clothes, shoes and hats to choose styles.


Laser engraved ring


Laser engraving can realize arbitrary engraving of patterns, texts, personal design drawings, etc., and there are many applicable products. Car keys, lipstick covers, mobile phone cases, charging treasures, thermos cups, glasses, watches, laptops, lighters, rings, necklaces, coke bottles, temporary stop signs, lunch boxes, etc., on the streets of people, ask who Without these daily necessities. The market is large, the competition is small, and you can make money.


Portable laser engraving machine


The laser engraving machine can buy a variety of interesting products for customers to choose, and then type whatever content they want. In this way, for example, a lighter of a few dollars, you can sell a dozen dollars, which is a multiplied profit. You can also provide products by customers. You are only responsible for laser engraving and earning engraving costs. The laser engraving market is effective for a long time, with low cost and profitability.

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