What is the most attractive thing to run a street stall, is it feasible to engrave portraits with small laser engraving machines?

The "street stall economy" has become the focus of attention nowadays. With regard to the outbreak of the street stall economy, various private-sector guidelines for getting rich in stalls have been spread online, and many people have also started the idea of stalls for small businesses. After all, they can earn as much as they can. And it may be better than your usual income from work. There are too many people competing for ideas such as selling barbecues and selling mobile phone accessories, however using small laser engravers to engrave portraits of various living objects is less competitive.


Car keys, mobile phone cases, thermos cups, watches, rings, necklaces, cola bottles, temporary parking signs, lunch boxes…These commonly used objects in life can be engraved with small laser engraving machine names, portraits, logos, mobile phone numbers, etc. Wait. Like the car key, the contact number is engraved, and even if it is lost, it may be recovered.


In the era of personalized customization, many people like to put their own marks on their favorite items, or buy items that have their own unique marks directly. Personal customization can be achieved through a convenient small laser engraving machine. The unit price is low, with new ideas and meanings, catering to market demand.


The characteristics of the small laser engraving machine are: cheap price, small size, portable, no need for any consumables, engraving and cutting directly by energized laser, can achieve any engraving of patterns, text, personal design drawings, etc., the operation is extremely simple and convenient, everyone can use, no need Learning complex hand-carving technology, without complex programming technology, only simple learning graphic editing can be fully operated, is a new era of high-tech products!


Small laser engraving machine (MF-P-C portable laser marking machine)


When the economy is in urgent need of recovery, the vitality of the street stall economy can effectively stimulate domestic demand. After all, the biggest feature of the street stall economy is convenience and benefit. Small laser engraving machine, small cost investment, differentiated competition, and sales with some mobile phones and other accessories, in addition to engraving income, but also an extra part of the sales revenue of accessories, kill two birds with one stone.

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