What is the principle of laser-beam welding machine?

1. Heat conduction welding
When laser irradiates on the surface of the material, part of the laser is reflected and part of the material is absorbed; it changes the light energy into heat energy and then melts; the heat on material surface conducts and continues to transfer deeply, and finally two pieces are welded together.
2. Deep laser welding
When laser beam with high power density irradiates on the surface of the material, the material absorbs light energy and converses into heat; material is melted even vaporized and produces large amounts of metal vapor. Under the counterforce when steam is out of the surface, the molten metal which is liquid pushes aside surrounding and forms pits and pits penetrate more deeply with continuous laser irradiation. After the laser irradiation, molten liquid around the pits reflux and cool, these two weld together.
Continuous welding, which is relative to the welding point and short welding, is a welding joint connecting with another one and the middle is not broken. The welding mechanism is based on deep penetration of the keyhole effect; the depth to width ratio is large which can be up to 5: 1 above and welding speed is high and thermal deformation is small. It is widely used in high-power laser welding.
Laser-beam welding machine e is mainly used in machinery, automobile, ship and other industries. There are a few small power continuous lasers whose power is between dozens of tens and hundreds of watts. They are widely used in plastic welding and laser welding.
Super strength of laser-beam welding machine
1.Low cost
The power loss of device just needs 500USD per year. Equipment almost has no supplies and almost doesn’t need daily maintenance, reducing the cost of debugging.
2. small space
The cooling way of laser welding machine is air cooling and it is compact, covering less than 1 square meters. It is easy to carry out line layout or automated integration.
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4.More fine welding
Minimum focusing spot diameter: 0.1 ~ 0.4mm; 0.2-25ms continuously adjustable pulse energy; pulse repetition frequency 0Hz = F = 2500Hz, especially suitable for precise welding for work pieces.

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