Why does fiber metal laser cutter have dominated power

Why does metal laser cutter have dominated power? In general, metal laser cutter is applied for less than 20mm steel plate, less than 10mm stainless steel and acrylic, wood and other non-metallic materials. When laser cutter working, there is no cutting force and distortion; no tool wear, with good material adaptability; whether it is simple or complex parts, using laser machine achieves precision rapid prototyping cutting; it is with narrow kerf, high-quality cutting, high degree of automation, simple manipulation, low labor intensity, no pollution; achieving automatic arrangement, nesting, progressive material utilization, low production costs, good economic returns.

Metal laser cutter is a technology revolution and the "processing center" in sheet metal processing; fiber laser cutter has high flexibility, high cutting speed, high production efficiency, short product production cycle. Those advantages help to win broad market for customers. The technology has long effective life, and is widely employed to more than 2 mm thickness plates in foreign countries. Foreign experts agree that the next 30 – 40 years is the golden age of laser processing technology development.
Metal laser Cutting Machine selection factors are asked to be considered, in addition to the current maximum work piece size, material, and the need to cut the maximum thickness of the format size of the raw material, the more the need to consider the future direction of development, such as the maximum size of the work piece which is machined after technical modifications, which products are the most material saving combined with the format of the steel plate that market can provide for their products, loading and unloading time, and so on.    

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