Wood laser engraving and cutting creativity take you to play street trend

Hip-hop has become popular through variety arts and other forms. Street sports such as skateboarding are gradually popular with the public. Wood laser engraving and Cutting Machine, take you play the street trend. 

Skateboard illustration has become a landscape in urban art. Magnetic Kitchen skillfully uses the advantage of precise and controllable wood laser engraving cutting to engrave pre-designed patterns onto the back of skateboards, giving it more personalized display mode.

The skateboards with graffiti and street art elements are exquisite through the general laser cutting machine engraving and cutting process. Every skateboard seems like an exquisite work of art.

Finnish brand Waara and Carhartt collaborated to launch a limited skateboard. Laser engraving cutting with the unique natural texture of logs provide high quality original skateboard products for you. You can also feel the smooth touch while enjoying the exquisite patterns.

Skateboarding represents energy and passion. It always gives users surprising experience. Laser engraving cutting technology leads skateboard culture with creativity and annotates unique skateboard style.

Recommending wood laser engraving cutting equipment

CO2 laser engraving cutting machine

Suitable for engraving cutting nonmetallic material like wood, paper , epoxy resin, acrylic, plastic, rubber and bamboo , etc.


1. Equipped with YM Laser self-developed Smart Carve software and controller, adopts high-speed Interpolation movement algorithm to achieve high-speed and stable performance.

2. Support work time preview and interruptible engraving recovery after power-off.

3. Support dynamic display which will show process path and coordinate point, real-time work track display.

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