A cooler summer away from “air conditioning disease”? I really recommend this laser printed blanket!

On a hot summer day, the heat waves are rolling,

Air conditioning has become the standard in home and office environments.

When we are enjoying the cool feeling of the air conditioner,

Staying in the air-conditioned room for a long time,

It will also bring us some negative effects.

Joints such as shoulders and neck that are exposed outside,

It is susceptible to cold and cold attacks, causing different diseases.

At this time, a blanket printed by the laser printing machine of blankets with coexistence of value and comfort,

You can avoid these problems.


The solid color blanket made of cotton wool is slightly monotonous,

The high-value appearance makes the user's mood more comfortable.

After setting the pattern on the computer software,

The blanket laser printing machine prints once, and the pattern is clear and beautiful.

The exquisite printing pattern is transformed into a warm warmth,

From body to heart.


At the same time, the non-contact blanket laser printing machine will not destroy the soft touch of the blanket itself.

Skin-friendly, soft and comfortable,

Give you the right care.

Whether it's taking a nap in the office,

Still reading on the sofa at home on the weekend,

Are your most intimate partners.


Blanket laser printing machine marking blanket advantages:


01 The Immortal

The characters and patterns marked by the laser on the blanket will not be blurred by multiple touches.


02 Hard and soft

The high-energy laser beam is used to process the felt without contact, without directly crushing the material.


03 Carefully crafted

The laser processing precision can reach within millimeters, and the products are more delicate.


04 Unfettered

Controlled by software, the graphics are not limited, and it is easy to complete the patterns and shapes that cannot be done by traditional methods.


Recommended equipment


Full protection three-axis dynamic laser marking machine MC-DH-D


1 Features

High quality original CO2 RF laser

Three-axis dynamic marking system

Full dust-proof design

Industrial-grade precision temperature control laser chiller

Independent research and development of SmartScanner marking special software

Electrical lifting adjustment optical bench


2 Applicable materials

The blanket laser printing machine is suitable for natural and artificial (chemical fiber) fabrics, leather and artificial leather.

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